Internode reactivated within a few hours!


My MacBook Pro works again!

For the first time in weeks I now have a home internet connection and a working MacBook Pro upon which to use it! It's true you don't know what you've got until you lose it!

So here's what happened. On Friday last week I contacted Telstra and finally managed to get our home phone line reconnected; why it was disconnected is a long and boring story that I'm in too much of a good mood to relay. Despite having a working telephone line, our Internode home ADSL connection we signed up for in August last year still wasn't working, but an Internode tech support guy got back to me fairly quickly explaining why:

Hi Ruben,

Your ADSL connection was disconnected along with your phone service. It is best to contact our Sales team on Monday to look at having this done.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please reply to this email or contact our Helpdesk by phone.

Kind regards,

I admit I my heart sank at the prospect of having to wait over the weekend, then go into the city on Monday, get the account reactivated and wait for a further 2-7 business days to have it put through. Despite only going into their Sales office this morning though, as of early this afternoon we had home internet again!

Kudos to the Internode team for their ridiculously fast service :).

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