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  1. Australia’s Internet fun this morning
  2. CISA’s exploited vulnerabilities report for 2021
  3. This site is mobile friendly
  4. Defensive blogging
  5. RSS feedback from Simon Ruderich
  6. Feedback on duplicate RSS dates
  7. Exploring HTML cite attributes
  8. James’s (aka capjamesg’s) coffee blog
  9. Umar Getazazov helps me fix things
  10. Happy International Webloggers Day 2021
  11. Inline links to videos with play buttons
  12. Reddit’s /r/blogging, and my own advice
  13. Block jquery.nicescroll.js to make sites responsive
  14. The most dangerous things in tech
  15. Twitter account for this site is back
  16. Add to my to do list: bait and switch
  17. When your customers want your service down
  18. Two types of comparison sites
  19. ACIC’s expanded surveillance submission
  20. Disabling memberships in Ghost 4 blogs
  21. I have a Linktree
  22. A 580 pixel blog width
  23. Opting out of Google’s FLoC
  24. The rise of online readability scrapers
  25. What was the first thing you were flamed for?
  26. How I blog regularly
  27. Feedback from Thomas Jensen
  28. No more JavaScript frameworks
  29. Wedge the Ever Given anywhere
  30. Email signatures that wake you up
  31. Chromium monoculture marches on
  32. linked to on
  33. Quote from @Aral on debugging
  34. Hackers are malicious
  35. Hales on unexpected LiveJournals
  36. has a LiveJournal?
  37. Truth in advertising hits Twitter
  38. The Internet interprets censorship as damage?
  39. Email unsubscribe fail: Trustwave
  40. Follow me on Mastodon
  41. Replacing Facebook news with RSS feeds
  42. Reinventing visual metaphors for no benefit
  43. Being victim of another data breach
  44. Apology for spam #9001
  45. Talk to me… goose?
  46. That one specific spammer who can’t pad
  47. Microblog, week 3 of 2021
  48. “You wrote about X, can you link to me?”
  49. Abandoned blogs as time capsules
  50. Microblog, week 2 of 2021
  51. Whole Wheat Radio whipped the llama’s arse
  52. Taking a Twitter break
  53. Drowning in popups, part two
  54. Network backdoors and layers
  55. Wordle for 2020
  56. Feedback on my blog-as-a-business post
  57. “Turn your audience into a business”
  58. The media's culpability in the NBN
  59. Trying WordPress again after a few years
  60. Acronym Finder isn’t one
  61. Spelling mistakes for week 48, 2020
  62. An online place of record
  63. Video conference fatigue
  64. Lessons learned from the 2016 Australian census?
  65. Clickbait
  66. Interfering with opening in new tabs
  67. Trying an alternative to RSS topic folders
  68. Being a customer, not a producer
  69. Where to find the BBC’s RSS feeds
  70. How my latest Twitter break is going
  71. Now Captchas are just messing with me
  72. John Naughton on the Internet-of-Things
  73. Apologies for not posting your comments yet
  74. The Australian government’s NBN backflip
  75. Hacker News: Why aren’t we all more serious?
  76. Hacker News on my audio kill switch post
  77. Twenty posts per page
  78. If we could demand the same security answers
  79. When services always had RSS
  80. NBN already outdated
  81. Easier to read, maintain, and extend
  82. Mr Orange, and Joe Biden’s hires from tech
  83. A social network’s inaccuracy
  84. Technical support airing personal details in public
  85. To static site, or not, again
  86. Working from home still tenuous sometimes
  87. Those email-unsubscribe reasons
  88. Update on split username-password forms
  89. A thousand drafts
  90. Airgapped devices and networks
  91. Friday Fanmail: Machon SERP, and a novella quote
  92. SimilarTech’s site analysis only half wrong
  93. An analysis of native IoT advertising
  94. Semantic discussion of macOS plists
  95. Bitcoin scam sites
  96. Making RSS prominent again
  97. Remembering Sun and MySQL in 2008
  98. Renaming git default branch to trunk
  99. Booting from an ISO on OrionVM
  100. Add MJ12bot to your web server spam lists
  101. Two-factor auth codes need to be chunked better
  102. Still getting mail from a leaked database
  103. The web we lost: a retrospective
  104. When reCAPTCHA attacks
  105. ACCC’s March quarter 2020 report
  106. RSS is more than plumbing
  107. eBay Saved Search emails ignore geography
  108. NetWare IPX/SFX slides
  109. IoT, and Hypponen’s law
  110. Ministers not wanting the COVID tracking app
  111. 686 pages
  112. Digital connectivity is oil?
  113. Follow-up to my fintech security post
  114. Even respected sites are failing to address fintech security
  115. FreeBSD consolidation, and spam apologies
  116. Anecdotal Ethernet interference
  117. An update from Stack Exchange on licencing
  118. CSS didn’t decouple content from presentation
  119. An old domain whitelist text file
  120. NNTP
  121. Australian FTTN and metadata surveillance
  122. Stepping on anything other than unsubscribe
  123. Some delightful late January spam
  124. Fifteen years of posts
  125. Windows Insider takes cake for worst unsubscribe
  126. Curly quote fix coming for Hugo 0.6x
  127. I may even republish their spam
  128. 666 pages
  129. Rearranging The Verge’s tech flops list
  130. Here’s your PIN, here's the eBay PIN…
  131. Curly quotes broken in Goldmark, Hugo
  132. Wikipedia’s mathematics articles need work
  133. Do you agree to accept our cookies?
  134. Yahoo Groups deletion follow up
  135. Twitter threads should be blog posts
  136. Unsub me already: Sprint, fail
  137. Site updates, late November 2019
  138. Out of stock, now with free shipping
  139. Ubiquiti’s phoning home issues
  140. Fitbit and Yahoo Groups
  141. Australian broadband adventures, Q3 2019
  142. When you book hotels online
  143. Fixing Hugo JSON-LD
  144. Cisco’s internal network issues
  145. Google against W3C privacy push
  146. SEA ME WE3 Singapore-Perth cable cut
  147. Hales fixes my RSS
  148. Fixing Hugo pagination in 0.58
  149. Please don’t use fixed-position navigation bars
  150. The xkcd password leak
  151. Helpful internet people
  152. Fun with a phpMyAdmin honeypot
  153. Common myths about private browsing
  154. When someone close nearly got phone scammed
  155. Using Subversion with GitHub
  156. Design anti-patterns: Misleading buttons
  157. Unlimited plans are almost always flops
  158. Australian IT firms not consulted about #aabill
  159. URLs, URIs, URNs
  160. When CDNs say you have malware
  161. Thanking Dropbox for the final stick
  162. Manchester Baby, and Elizebath CityCenter [sic]
  163. Anti-trust suits, then and now
  164. Tweeting about FreeBSD, NetBSD
  165. Hugo generator deprecation warnings
  166. He’s back, with housekeeping
  167. Michael W. Lucas: Control your platform
  168. OrionVM launches Melbourne PoP
  169. Richard Di Natale on Australia’s #aabill
  170. Rename IPSec peers in VyOS
  171. When people answer questions with “why?”
  172. Elizabeth Warren breaking up big IT
  173. DuckDuckGo features keep surprising me
  174. Serverless
  175. Another (site) bites the dust
  176. AAPT on moving off copper
  177. Sceptical of synergies
  178. How web businesses surprised me
  179. Australian IT in the budget reply speech
  180. The @georgiecel on what to read
  181. Spam disclaimers
  182. Another new newsletter abusing email lists
  183. Facebook’s lobbying against global privacy laws
  184. Flat design on websites
  185. Testing HTTPS/TLS sites
  186. macOS not downgrading Wi-Fi security
  187. FeedReader: Generally safe
  188. When client-side validation attacks
  189. Our moving NBN adventure
  190. Delivering blog post text in RSS
  191. Exporting data from closing web services
  192. Decentraleyes
  193. Pinterest’s CEO and his service
  194. Box doesn’t do Markdown
  195. Digital Dark Age, even within sites
  196. I came across Latest Posts with $5,900,000
  197. Posting regularity
  198. Stack Overflow survey 2019
  199. Firefox disabling auto-playing video
  200. Churning to Superloop
  201. Source RSS namespace has moved
  202. Dublin Core in HTML5
  203. Pointless Rubenerd stats: The
  204. After the jump
  205. Not ranking well for certain keyword phrases
  206. Self-redundancy
  207. What blogging is
  208. Bell Canada wanting permission to track customers
  209. Cheaper, and more affordable
  210. Information war
  211. Stack Exchange first response: why?
  212. Revenue and responsibility
  213. Yes, the #AABill is about encryption
  214. Australia’s new anti-encryption bill
  215. Updating Apple Support Communities
  216. If you want encryption, you support…
  217. IBM CEO on Silicon Valley privacy
  218. Those white collars
  219. Wikia now Fandom
  220. The new most convoluted unsubscribe process
  221. How likely are you to recommend…?
  222. A new type of blog referral spam
  223. Speaking of buyouts, M1?
  224. My own Twitter policy
  225. Confirmation shaming feedback from @sjdorst, @FiatSlug1
  226. Confirm shaming
  227. Cloudflare’s domain registrar
  228. Friday Fanmail: Accosting SEO
  229. is excited
  230. Telstra feedback survey
  231. Feather preening
  232. Seeing Chermside at Chatswood
  233. Dark patterns in networking email
  234. Mosh on Amazon Lightsail
  235. Save the web; wait, not you!
  236. Schady’s back, tell a friend
  237. Facebook browser console ASCII art
  238. See you soon
  239. How do you make time to blog!?
  240. Performance management Friday Fanmail
  241. Full page newsletter signup trends
  242. Friday Fanmail: Pressurising in your city
  243. ModernWebBloat.js
  244. Truncated to sixty pages
  245. Carved Friday Fanmail
  246. 567 pages
  247. Wildcard and DNS Let’s Encrypt certificates
  248. Lots of typos, even for me
  249. Scrolling to get to content
  250. The greatest Yahoo! Answer ever
  251. Friday fanmail: Business builder
  252. Another Bitbucket easter egg
  253. No more Optus dialup
  254. A bit more of O’Reilly vanishes
  255. This techno-utopia
  256. Friday Fanmail: Marvis
  257. Please explain summaries, Wikipedia editors
  258. Friday Fanmail: Charlotte
  259. That wireless shield icon
  260. CRN mobile network outage poll
  261. Building beautiful websites
  262. Friday Fanmail: $1009
  263. IPv6 address easter eggs
  264. Lists and outlines
  265. Feedback on static comments
  266. New frontmatter generator
  267. RFC: Comment systems
  268. Vertel Etherwave
  269. Replacing social networks with RSS
  270. Goodbye, Digg Reader
  271. Friday fanmail: I noticed your website
  272. The Facebook market failure
  273. More regressive web design stickyness
  274. How does one push 0.4 of a commit?
  275. Lightbox popups and push notifications
  276. We are not spammers
  277. Still on Upian’s Hot Links!
  278. Followup NBN post
  279. The original NBN was bad, because Turnbull?
  280. Two-factor auth and password managers
  281. Bitcoin with vests
  282. Bitcoin spam with amber
  283. Bitcoin spam and cheese
  284. GitHub supported manifest files
  285. Yearly archives in GoHugo
  286. Time for configuration management
  287. Blogging in 2018
  288. Buried under eBay chargers
  289. CRN poll on fate of the NBN
  290. Retina image downscaling with CSS
  291. Dangerous of reporting on “wiki” and “crypto”
  292. Verifying my
  293. using Let’s Encrypt
  294. Friday Fanmail: Mark Waller
  295. Activities and Visitors!
  296. Advanced protection from Google instead?
  297. Enter username, hit button, enter password
  298. No more plain text Zendesk
  299. You can (not) advance to Safe Senders
  300. Rubenerd 2017 theme live
  301. Five hundred pages
  302. Motor racing shopping trolley
  303. Did you have a chance to review my last email?
  304. Fresh spam
  305. Scott Ludlam
  306. Citibank Australia and Safari
  307. JSON Feed, and JSON in RSS
  308. Fibre to the Node
  309. Hamburger icons
  310. Who’s to blame for slow AU broadband?
  311. Mr Brandis, You Can (Not) Decrypt
  312. Social norms and coffee shops
  313. July 2017 Rubenerd spam
  314. Goodbye,
  315. Here’s an email for a received message
  316. The blight of expired Let’s Encrypt certs
  317. Flex
  318. Sending back UTM links
  319. Big Boy
  320. No more local Singapore-Malaysia calls, kinda
  321. in IFTTT
  322. Sila’s gamble
  323. Rhipe Prime Portal
  324. Atlassian, I am disappoint
  325. Record answers for Apple secret questions
  326. The most 21st century paragraph ever
  327. Valentine termination spam
  328. Civil use of Australia's mandatory metadata
  329. Hugo 0.18.1
  330. BBS automotive spam
  331. Australian ISPs to block torrent sites
  332. More sold and closed OpenStack clouds
  333. Getting into blogging
  334. No more public Dropbox folders
  335. Colleague feedback
  336. Offshore Singapore bank accounts
  337. Trip back in time: cost of encryption
  338. Megaport newsletters
  339. Reasons to use HTTPS
  340. Wikipedia user groups
  341. Unbounce Convertables
  342. A complete meal newsletter unsubscription
  343. Graduate Outcomes Survey
  344. Sell or promote spam
  345. Women in IT on Slashdot
  346. A week of posts at once
  347. Here's looking at you, Facebook
  348. Moving from del.ici.ous to Pinboard
  349. Four rules for web form design
  350. Goodbye, Internet Explorer 6
  351. Newsletter abuse
  352. Goodbye, Instapaper
  353. If it isn’t right for you right now
  354. The derived namespace
  355. IT snow days
  356. Mr Turnbull on the NBN and #CensusFail
  357. Confluence as a family wiki
  358. Over 9,000 and Sysadmin Day
  359. Alternative Let’s Encrypt Clients
  360. Kindly, Don’t Do That
  361. Boxed–up posts
  362. How likely to recommend emails
  363. The NBN is dead, but look at the kitten!
  364. Facebook privacy
  365. #Spam Traffic Monsoon!
  366. RFID spam
  367. Thunderbird 1024
  368. Amazon's vexillology needs some work
  369. Melbourne IT on graceful degradation
  370. When NinjaFirewall attacks
  371. When password character limits attack
  372. Blocked networking between EC2 instances
  373. MIT algorithm for page speed
  374. Australia's failed NBN
  375. Venture capital firm spam
  376. Death by CloudFront
  377. The Great GitHub Outage of 2016
  378. Ian Potts
  379. The Venus is in the Horsehead Nebula
  380. CSS was a missed opportunity, part 2
  381. Outlook Web Access
  382. This month's unsubscribe fun: Pinterest
  383. Turnbull’s moot startup point
  384. Facebook like-buying #Spam
  385. Australian privacy, NBN net neutrality, and other news
  386. WordPress 2015 Survey
  387. When Truncation Attacks: IT News
  388. Cancelling PayPal subscriptions
  389. You’re not part of the problem if you criticise FTTN
  390. TPG’s Vodafone switch
  391. Tracking loved ones, with victim blaming
  392. Unsubscribing from ZDNet newsletters
  393. My newsletter–unsubscribe score card
  394. Just don’t use Facebook then
  395. Wikipedia has all three homes
  396. When will VoIP kill the telephone?
  397. FreshPorts on GitHub
  398. 444 Rubenerd pages
  399. The xkcd survey
  400. Trolls ruin all the things
  401. Pointless Rubenerd post stats
  402. The HTML5 be evolving, breaking
  403. Flickr Pro doubles the size of its eel
  404. Creative code spammers
  405. A BitBucket easter egg
  406. Poles and wires for the NBN
  407. When nginx add_header don't appear
  408. Wrike Summer
  409. BREAKING: Terrifying police scope–creep spam!
  410. Australia's surveillance tax is on
  411. The @georgiecel on DuckDuckGo
  412. DuckDuckGo
  413. Stopping around the web links
  414. Saccharin spam
  415. Friendfeed shutting down
  416. Fun SEO spammers
  417. When spammers can’t spell their targets
  418. Back to WordPress from Jekyll
  419. Ten friggen years of Rubenerd
  420. My first ever geographically relevant spam
  421. Expired and deleted domains
  422. Ultra super secure invalid passphrases
  423. Improving visual appearance with spam
  424. He knows basically everything spam
  425. The FireHOL flame haze
  426. Not much time left for Github Pages DNS change
  427. Hey, your tag links are blue again
  428. Those DNS network ports
  429. CSS3’s new box-sizing property
  430. Long weekend site designs
  431. Infinite scrolling
  432. Sugary job offers
  433. Latest TPG ISP adventures
  434. The cost of fast TV and web browsing
  435. Featured images
  436. Default servers in nginx
  437. When script kiddies don’t get absolute URLs
  438. You’re subscribed to our new mailing list!
  439. Data retain THIS, Mr Attorney General
  440. The Ohloh Black Duck Open Hub
  441. Basic nginx headers
  442. Media reporting on Dropbox security, privacy
  443. A small list of terrible web clichés
  444. Rubenerd for the next ten years
  445. Remember SOAP?
  446. Sneakernet cloud uploads
  447. Jekyll dates
  448. S/MIME in Mac Outlook
  449. Windows 8 Mail and S/MIME
  450. intl PECL extension not available
  451. Ladar Levison, and tapping is easy right?
  452. Why Lavabit shut down
  453. This is bad for the Internet
  454. Getting rid of Cisco spam
  455. This is my 77,777th tweet
  456. One hiccup using Tumblr as a blog platform
  457. The OpenSSL heart bleeds
  458. Tumblr as a blogging platform
  459. Disconnect for ALL the browsers
  460. Ruben and Malcolm’s technology mix
  461. All the better for Wikipedia to see you with
  462. Digg is back, and spamming us
  463. The @caseyliss and pedantic critiques
  464. Electronic inclusionism
  465. HTML5 renders XHTML mimetypes invalid?
  466. IMAP email followup
  467. Finally moving to Fastmail, or another provider?
  468. The @JamieJakov on my daily posts
  469. Amazon wish list addresses
  470. SoylentNews is people
  471. Practical, private Dropbox use cases
  472. HTML5 @georgiecel @zoomosis timestamps
  473. HTML5 deprecates dates
  474. Why I publish a PGP public key
  475. My own (albeit small) internet extortion adventure
  476. Flu-like words, late at night, to my Terminal
  477. #PostADay2014
  478. Downloading from multiple sources with aria2
  479. The sound of PPPoE silence
  480. Hidden messages in HTML email
  481. Validating HTML 3.2 pages, like it’s 1997
  482. Client–side blogging
  483. Wikipedia on DuckDuckGo and Google
  484. A public service message on Helvetica Neue Ultra Light
  485. Amazon Cloud Drive
  486. Five posts
  487. Scaling images for responsive designs
  488. Webkit font smoothing
  489. ClaimID
  490. 2013 Wordle
  491. Happy 9th Birthday, Rubenerd Weblog!
  492. Yearly draft cleanout
  493. Confessions of a Blogger who dislikes these posts
  494. Aviation stuff you learn from Wikipedia
  495. Access Virtualisation in the Kusnetzky Model
  496. Outlook Web Access and NoScript
  497. The Gimp on SourceForge shenanigans
  498. CSS float away
  499. US Congress nearly cost me an exam
  500. So we heard you like being in ads
  501. Goodbye GitHub Pages
  502. When the site had a meltdown
  503. Quora is the new Expertsexchange (cc @jlist)
  504. UTS Student Experience Survey 2013
  505. A tour of the Equinix SY3 data centre in Sydney
  506. Remembering the goals of IT security
  507. Because, that’s why
  508. A date with my invalid RDF feed
  509. Testing
  510. Lessons from Jekyll and Github pages
  511. Testing the site in IE 10
  512. My own WordPress to Jekyll adventure
  513. Technopreneur
  514. Obama’s 2009 whistleblower promise
  515. Hello, World!
  516. Why I’m sticking with RSS
  517. W3C RDFa validation works, thanks @sideshowbarker
  518. IDG Connect retro logo is retro
  519. W3C HTML5 validator no longer accepting RDFa?
  520. So long Mr Conroy, thanks for all the fish
  521. SalesForce Oracle supposition soup
  522. The real barrier to SaaS adoption
  523. HKSAR Government statement on Edward Snowden
  524. Twitter won’t load on #TPG in the evenings
  525. Why we should care about a retired Twitter API
  526. Replacing RSS author with Dublin Core’s dc:creator
  527. Philosocisco
  528. If you see this tweeted, you’re luckier than me!
  529. When wiki truncation attacks
  530. The only networking guy around here
  531. Go home, site value estimators
  532. On the open nature of Cisco’s EIGRP
  533. One does not simply network meme
  534. What’s wrong with technical answer sites
  535. Sorry Scoble, @Om was right on privacy
  536. Google Keep?
  537. The @Giz_au apoligises for calling me stupid, kinda
  538. Goodbye Google Reader
  539. Arigato @risuchiin
  540. Post ID #11011
  541. Pinterest
  542. After @Giz_au says I look stupid, they delete my comment
  543. Why CSS sucks
  544. O’Reilly publishing: Muscle Nutshell
  545. When @giz_au said I looked stupid
  546. Unsubscribing from StackExchange pandas
  547. Yay, my Twitter was breached!
  548. Amazon, please check where your customers are
  549. Yahoo! Mail finally gets SSL!
  550. It’s Not Apple So It’s Okay™
  551. How many comments does it take to ruin a joke?
  552. 2012 Wordle
  553. Well hello, @yaakov_h!
  554. Minor site tweaks of doom
  555. Soon we can download an archive of our tweets
  556. ISDN faster than ADSL!
  557. I didn’t pay @CaramelJune for this one
  558. My first Perl CGI script website nostalgia thing!
  559. Now @Technorati can’t tell what a blog is?
  560. Technorati re-verification
  561. Disable some of Google’s tracking
  562. Preemptive Amazon nostalgia
  563. Chrome supports DNT, finally
  564. Chrome OS: I see what you did there ZDNet
  565. UTS site defaced with plaintext passwords
  566. Google still silent on non-JavaScript +1
  567. Are sites storing your passwords securely?
  568. Want to see a cool gear animation?
  569. People still fall for this Twitter DM spam?
  570. More Gmailers than Hotmailers?
  571. Stallman Schneier Stuxnet Security
  572. Wikipedia’s latent research heaven!
  573. Goodbye blog comments!
  574. Hey you, read @jamiejakovBlog
  575. Followup to my Bitcoin post
  576. Review and pronounciation of Wuala!
  577. I was wrong about Google Street View
  578. Did Google Drive rip off Vplayer? Not really!
  579. Google Drive
  580. Facebook saved Twitter $1 billion?
  581. Goodbye Google+, I hardly used thee
  582. CNN Mashable
  583. Sydney in three words, maybe
  584. FourSquare OpenStreetMap winning
  585. #AtheistRollCall
  586. Google didn’t decide to drop mobile Flash
  587. Microsoft India stores plaintext passwords
  588. Czech Republic suspends #ACTA
  589. Google has merged their TOS… so?
  590. Your car was stolen in London too?
  591. Scared of Google? You won’t be of Microsoft!
  592. Yo trader, what Facebook at?
  593. Megauploads to delete user data?
  594. #TwitterBlackout
  595. That Focus on the User Google thing
  596. Pointless post #4300 celebrations!
  597. Nothing on Megaupload you haven’t read already
  598. Waiter, David Aaronovitch’s SOPA piece is cold
  599. Wikipedia’s soft #sopablackout
  600. Blacked out [this post] for SOPA et al
  601. What’s wrong with the world in two tweets
  602. Probably not Google AntiTrust+
  603. A query on post frequency from @Sebasu_tan
  604. Google profits more from legitimate ads
  605. [Outage] 2012.01.05
  606. Social media New Year’s resolution things
  607. A blast from the Twitter 2007 past!
  608. Post A Day 2011 reflections
  609. My 2011 posts in a Wordle
  610. Telstra customers exposed, again?
  611. Made it through Post A Day 2011!
  612. The @GoDaddy to @Hover move begineth
  613. Goodbye GoDaddy, finally
  614. Almost no point posting this iinode entry
  615. Changing your Singapore Mocca email
  616. Changing my VMware email saga
  617. If only they used Google Scholar…
  618. A belated Alec Baldwin OMG!
  619. NineMSN has both kinds: Country AND Western!
  620. Telstra joins the Plaintext Password Parade
  621. WordPress memory lane, and time to move on?
  622. TheyLikeCamelCaseAtGmail
  623. @Gowalla bought by Facebook
  624. #QantasLuxury
  625. Voting for a non-JavaScript Google +1 method
  626. Google_nomap?
  627. Google Sidewiki
  628. How to start blogging, for @JerryNovak
  629. Downloading before Google Buzzes off!
  631. Google Reader +1 fail
  632. Health benefits of writing, blogging and whatnot
  633. All study, no play makes Ruben CSMA/CA
  634. @Sebasu_tan and @hanezawakirika on design
  635. Seem like legit reasons to stop talking
  636. Some J-Walk Rubenerd graph goodness
  637. YouTube launches in The Singapore
  638. Goodbye to the J-Walk Blog after 9 years
  639. Our first throttling in Earlwood
  640. Is Facebook any different? I think so
  641. The blog of @Sebasu_tan
  642. CNET have their old logo back!
  643. Online universities won’t be cheaper
  644. Hacker News trolls #2
  645. touché
  646. Goodbye @Gowalla
  647. [Outage] Net Logistics, 2011.09.23
  648. TPG in SG, FYI
  649. Rubenerd site history for the 4000th post!
  650. [Outage] 2011.09.18
  651. On this day in 2006: Blu-Ray and song songs
  652. Fake trust seals, with bad puns
  653. Webify me, Mozilla!
  654. Google TinEye?
  655. Links for 2011-09-03
  656. 42 more days of J-Walk
  657. 7 of 8, Tertiary Adjunct to Unimatrix Discovery News
  658. What have you purchased online?
  659. Links for 2011-08-30
  660. Links for 2011-08-28
  661. Goodbye CmdrTako
  662. We don’t need fibre optic and power cables!
  663. Links for 2011-08-26
  664. Great advertising for a technology university!
  665. Hacker News are such trolls
  666. Ruben + Nerd = Rubenerd?
  667. Links for 2011-08-11
  668. 20 years of the World Wide Web
  669. Farewell Old Twitter
  670. Links for 2011-08-07
  671. Links for 2011-08-04
  672. Links for 2011-08-01
  673. Links for 2011-07-31
  674. Links for 2011-07-28
  675. Vertically centred text in CSS
  676. Links for 2011-07-27
  677. 509 Bandwidth Limited Exceeded
  678. Links for 2011-07-24
  679. Warn of Murdoch in Firefox and Chrome
  680. Links for 2011-07-20
  681. @Scobleizer on Twitter and Google+
  682. Links for 2011-07-18
  683. I vouch for SBS Radio!
  684. Links for 2011-07-17
  685. Links for 2011-07-16
  686. Links for 2011-07-15
  687. My own TechCrunch template
  688. Links for 2011-07-14
  689. WordPress’s 8888 ID post of fortune!
  690. Ten disturbing things about the Interpol filter
  691. Links for 2011-07-09
  692. Google +1 buttons here as well?
  693. Links for 2011-07-07
  694. What does Google know of your interests?
  695. At least they asked
  696. Links for 2011-07-06
  697. Google+, Google Plus, that thing
  698. Do you need another social network?
  699. @djackmanson, @omegatron and trolls
  700. Links for 2011-06-30
  701. Thank you Hakeae and all of you!
  702. Neil Collins, Esquire
  703. Steve Rubel adopts a Tumbeast, has no more pets
  704. Why do Aussie banks need a wakeup call!?
  705. Don’t be a cloud tool, use them as tools!
  706. Still subscribed to my old RSS feed?
  707. Links for 2011-05-31
  708. Post #3666! Run away!
  709. Blogging when you should be tweeting?
  710. Openinternet commonsensification
  711. Links for 2011-05-25
  712. Links for 2011-05-24
  713. HTML5 versus XHTML
  714. eBay Australia sending me postal bags?
  715. Links for 2011-05-16
  716. Links for 2011-05-11
  717. Microskype, or Skyperosoft?
  718. Links for 2011-05-10
  719. Links for 2011-05-09
  720. Links for 2011-05-05
  721. Twitter Borg?
  722. Law enforcement usurping botnet control
  723. 1,024 Folding@Home work units!
  724. Links for 2011-05-02
  725. How to make Google good again
  726. Links for 2011-04-28
  727. AVOS
  728. Apple Android locationgate whatnot
  729. Links for 2011-04-27
  730. Get rid of the HootSuite social bar for good!
  731. On ANZAC Day, New Zealanders get this?
  732. Skools and Aussie Vodafone outages
  733. Links for 2011-04-24
  734. Maroon 5 local drive (hey I made a rhyme!)
  735. Cloudgate sounds like a toothpaste
  736. Links for 2011-04-20
  737. Yahoo still doesn’t get it
  738. Dropping some sanity… into a box
  739. After 6 years, Rubenerd Purple is back!
  740. Oh noes, data caps!
  741. Hiding categories in WordPress 3.1.1
  742. Links for 2011-04-15
  743. Can’t change a page’s default template!?
  744. France to require cleartext passphrase storage
  745. An Optus microcell? Me want!
  746. A status update!
  747. Can’t import keys for cPanel users?
  748. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica DMCAness
  749. Links for 2011-04-08
  750. Links for 2011-04-06
  751. Custom SSH ports with sshuttle
  752. Links for 2011-03-31
  753. Could Adobe #fail any more?
  754. Started as a post about Optus YouTube access
  755. Twitter, icy attitude to developers, inevitability
  756. Westpac Bank internet security
  757. Links for 2011-03-11
  758. Google’s non-existent whitelists… exist
  759. Transitions in CSS3?
  760. Links for 2011-03-10
  761. Links for 2011-03-07
  762. Bruce Clement asks why you blog
  763. Like buttons, Facebookers the new AOLers
  764. Links for 2011-03-03
  765. Youths not concerned about online privacy
  766. This made me cry a little inside
  767. Hiding categories in WordPress 3.1
  768. 3333 posts!
  769. Links for 2011-02-18
  770. Site is back online
  771. Torch him! He dissed IPv6!
  772. Links for 2011-02-15
  773. Gizmodo Getting Graceful deGradation?
  774. Bing copying Google, apologies to Jack Johnson
  775. My uninformed rant on IPv6: being sold
  776. Twitter could fix URL shorteners
  777. RubyURL joins urlTea, parrots
  778. Last comment on the Chrome WebM debacle
  779. Malcolm Turnbull’s 640KiB moment
  780. The oncoming second IT bubbly thing
  781. Having fun with hotlinkers
  782. Subpoenas make The Cloud more of The Scary
  783. Fixing an old, broken WordPress page
  784. Google Public DNS messing with Apple TVs?
  785. Wired’s How-To wiki can prevent hangovers
  786. Dave Winer’s
  787. compromised, with anecdotes
  788. DNS(ISP, Google Public, Open) rambling
  789. Hey, its a new theme thing
  790. I deleted my Facebook, not you!
  791. being sunsetted?
  792. Wikileaks now available on
  793. ACCC and Optus at a directions hearing?
  794. eBay shipping times for Brazillian Russians
  795. Optus message #Fail
  796. Yesterday was UN World Statistics Day
  797. Whole Wheat Radio group crossroads?
  798. The filter IS a moral issue, Ms Gillard
  799. Goodbye Bloglines, I’ll miss you
  800. Give Ruben an Internet
  801. TechCrunch gets eaten by The AOL
  802. A barely qualifying post on DSLness
  803. Home DSL provisioned! Awwwww yeah!
  804. JavaScript Abuse 101
  805. Ned Flanders on Aussie NBN security
  806. Aussie internet provisioning provisions
  807. Started as a post on a tethered iTelephone
  808. Status update and all that
  809. AOL
  810. Optus and their redundant SMSs
  811. Has Labor shot down the Aussie net filter?
  812. 4,294,967,295 new Thunderbird messages?!
  813. Was Google Wave the SS Great Eastern 2.0?
  814. No more Facebook Whole Wheat Radio player
  815. Google can’t internalise empathy
  816. Move to Net Logistics all done!
  817. Conroy dubbed Australia’s dumbest MP
  818. An open letter to Tumblr Twitter users
  819. Links for 2010-07-27
  820. Links for 2010-07-26
  821. SegPub downtime problem #8
  822. SBS asking the tough questions
  823. Links for 2010-07-24
  824. I already read these, Google Reader!
  825. Links for 2010-07-21
  826. Links for 2010-07-20
  827. Telstra’s Internet and Cyber-safety site thing
  828. Links for 2010-07-17
  829. Open letter to ZDNet Australia
  830. Links for 2010-07-12
  831. Great Firewall of Australia on hold…
  832. Was YouTube just maliciously hacked?
  833. No internet filter change under Gillard
  834. Australia has a female atheist PM! Run away!
  835. Links for 2010-06-17
  836. The Starbucks culture in Singapore
  837. Links for 2010-06-15
  838. Australia to record browsing history?
  839. Hate mail on my mum, Windows
  840. Wind powered Slashdot comments
  841. Links for 2010-06-06
  842. Links for 2010-06-05
  843. Getting a tweet from Cory Doctorow!
  844. North Korean agents trying to break blogs?
  845. M1 provided Wireless@SG doesn’t like Qmax
  846. More SegPub fail without a peep
  847. Take THAT internet quotas!
  848. #CloudSourceSG, SalesForce in Singapore
  849. Jim Kloss woke me up this morning
  850. Writing a post from… phpMyAdmin
  851. Site to fight unfair Aussie bank fees
  852. 14th of May is Kill Your Facebook Day
  853. Who do you think helped YouTube write this?
  854. Neanderthal-Human interbreeding ideas
  855. Steve Jobs ruffles email feathers, again
  856. Down argh Twitter down gone Twitter argh
  857. Does Facebook sell me with a pretty bow?
  858. An unlikely musical Twitter duo
  859. Whopping 7% of Americans on Twitter
  860. Circumventing Aussie firewall could be illegal
  861. Segpub finally fixing my web server?
  862. Facebook third parties and inconvenient privacy
  863. Signing the EFA’s petition
  864. Aussie filter patronises the digital generation
  865. Links for 2010-04-21
  866. Aussie Across America and using email better
  867. #Adelaide #Earthquake Twitterings
  868. Some midday eBay listing fun
  869. Neal O’Carroll buying me a coffee
  870. The Reinvigorated Programmer by Mike Taylor
  871. Conroy responds to critics… online?
  872. Host multiple blogs with default WordPress?
  873. Reframing my Wikipedia critisism as proposals
  874. The iPhone, iPad forcing people off Flash
  875. The SHOCKING TRUTH about Disqus, et al
  876. Uh oh, Facebook pre-approved third-party sites
  877. Obama frowns at the Great Aussie Firewall
  878. Singapore, Aussie banks make no sense
  879. The world has come to an end!
  880. Qantas newsletters don’t… jump
  881. Rush Limbaugh, healthcare reform, goodbye!
  882. Support Electronic Frontiers Australia
  883. SQL tried and true, but WXR still horribly broken
  884. Michael Atkinson stepping down (onto a thorn?)
  885. Could Melody give WordPress some competition?
  886. New Bus Eireann site review thingy
  887. Ruby on Rails > Django in one respect…
  888. Ruben’s biased browser feature table
  889. 2010.03.18 SegPub outages
  890. Fielding beats Ludlam, game over folks
  891. Declaring Google Reader bankruptcy
  892. Never before seen in a democracy…
  893. Don’t read this, read Josh Nunn’s Geekorium
  894. Links for 2010-03-15
  895. Michael Franks page is only off by 33 years!
  896. Beware the wrath of @DaveWiner !
  897. Links for 2010-03-12
  898. @roel247 just bought me a coffee!
  899. @cb60089 just bought me coffee!
  900. Links for 2010-03-10
  901. My 3rd Twitter anniversary today
  902. Links for 2010-03-08
  903. Rescuing Wikipedia from deletors, part two
  904. Links for 2010-03-06
  905. Australia starting to lose global respect
  906. Ruining people’s Google Reader feeds
  907. Trying out Whole Wheat Radio widgets
  908. Do I just not get Facebook irony?
  909. Links for 2010-03-03
  910. Possible reason for mixed Rudd premier meeting?
  911. What Jonathan Schwartz couldn’t say
  912. TweetDeck artefacts aren’t so arty
  913. Losing my mind, loosly
  914. Google Ad Planner now… DoubleClick?
  915. Links for 2010-02-20
  916. Responding to Aussie internet filter email #1
  917. Google Reader constantly logging me out
  918. Welcome to the 21st century Conroy, Atkinson
  919. Shell’s massive data breach loss thing
  920. Google Buzz was a Google Facebook moment
  921. Answering J-Walk’s clock
  922. Google’s Singapore Chinese New Year #fail
  923. Foursquare sorta sells out, I’m on Gowalla
  924. Conroy compares Aussie Firewall to China
  925. Kent Brockman on 80% Aussie firewall support
  926. This afternoon’s outage
  927. Links for 2010-02-08
  928. It’s started on CNET…
  929. Canberra is a city a city a city on Wikipedia
  930. CNET email marketing #fail
  931. Links for 2010-02-03
  932. Trialling widescreen Rubenerd theme thingy
  933. Michael Atkinson steps down on net gag order!
  934. I broke Google Reader YouTube shenanigans
  935. Links for 2010-02-01
  936. Adobe attacks… with figures!
  937. Politicians avoiding questions video stuff
  938. Probably no Firefox update security loophole…
  939. OECD is OECD is OECD on Wikipedia
  940. Oxfam Haiti relief fund
  941. Links for 2010-01-19
  942. Reality check on that Google China thing
  943. When truncation attacks
  944. Catching up on a fortnight of happenings
  945. Heeeeeeeee’s back!
  946. Rubenerd Blog 24(*10^2)
  947. Links for 2009-12-22
  948. The Great Australian and Chinese Firewalls
  949. How web business still surprises me
  950. Links for 2009-12-19
  951. Happy 8th anniversary GigaOm!
  952. Great Firewall of Australia will happen
  953. Links for 2009-12-12
  954. Links for 2009-12-11
  955. My Open Web Awards, Mashable be darned!
  956. Short post: Why I blog
  957. Links for 2009-12-06
  958. Bing wasn’t the page you wanted
  959. Market research fail
  960. Sorry for flooding your blog aggregator!
  961. Mininova going the way of Suprnova
  962. Redirecting UniSA email is such a relief!
  963. PageRank, fast sites, net neutrality?
  964. CNET advertisement positioning #fail
  965. Please consider the environment before printing
  966. Links for 2009-11-21
  967. Wait, FriendFeed still exists?
  968. Links for 2009-11-19
  969. Links for 2009-11-18
  970. Updated 2009 theme, the crowd gasps!
  971. Links for 2009-11-13
  972. Links for 2009-11-12
  973. League tables will come to Australia
  974. Esoteric spam that serves no purpose
  975. VPN connections faster than direct ones?
  976. Zuckerberg pokes fun at his users!
  977. Kaspersky’s FreeBSD anti virus! What?
  978. 24 hour Singapore shops and businesses
  979. Worrying out loud about JavaScript
  980. Will Twitter Lists replace TweetDeck Groups?
  981. Facebook made changes? No, really?
  982. 2222 posts, and goodbye to GeoCities
  983. Links for 2009-10-26
  984. Generalising about Gen Y generalisations!
  985. A Twitter picture is worth…
  986. Links for 2009-10-24
  987. Internode has launched a blog thingy
  988. Style guidelines are sneaky and difficult
  989. Singapore Post’s postcode finder
  990. Jim Kloss on The Whole Wheat Radios
  991. Cap’n, we’re under attack by Twitter bots!
  992. StarCraft, South Korea and Wikipedia
  993. Uh oh, I broke The
  994. Trying out SmugMug
  995. Half hour units and WordPress whatnot
  996. A particularly ironic error message
  997. Links for 2009-10-12
  998. Another paid post email thing
  999. Flickr Pro accounts expire like grilled cheese
  1000. My first Everyday Rewards junk mail
  1001. Links for 2009-10-05
  1002. Multiple online identities are too tiring
  1003. Welcome Google Reader readers!
  1004. Rodrigo Haenggi’s cool new blog
  1005. Deleting, starting my Facebook profile again
  1006. Internode reactivated within a few hours!
  1007. I don’t need no stinkin FormSpring
  1008. Twitter is Google Reader with editors
  1009. Telstra, Optus, Internode killed my study break!
  1010. Home internet down, no new posts
  1011. Links for 2009-09-21
  1012. My sudoku puzzles page is go!
  1013. Don’t use JavaScript to compose pages
  1014. Links for 2009-09-19
  1015. MonnieCakes!
  1016. Rubenerd Fun Fact #82 Spanish homes
  1017. New MyUniSA home page launch
  1018. 2009.09.15 SegPub outage
  1019. Thinking out loud about internet conversations
  1020. Launch of Rubenérd Incorporated
  1021. Links for 2009-09-12
  1022. An iTelephone app advertising fail
  1023. Links for 2009-09-10
  1024. Links for 2009-09-07
  1025. Wikipedia’s new spiffy beta UI
  1026. 2009 Wordle for 2009
  1027. Radio UserLand and the scary cloud
  1028. WordPress summaries on some posts
  1029. 2000 posts and a TweetDeck desktop!
  1030. Sharing your favourite restaurants online
  1031. Live trial of the Great Firewall of Australia
  1032. Links for 2009-08-29
  1033. Links for 2009-08-27
  1034. Mawson Lakes internet since Tuesday
  1035. Rubenerd Blog reached then 1980s!
  1036. Links for 2009-08-26
  1037. I won’t be advertising on Twitter
  1038. Dissecting USA Today article about Twitter
  1039. Links for 2009-08-25
  1040. Repeated SegPub downtime over last few days
  1041. My blog reached the 1960s! Peace Out!
  1042. Links for 2009-08-21
  1043. Google Reader should update feed addresses
  1044. This is a title for a TweetDeck outage post
  1045. Links for 2009-08-19
  1046. Three million Wikipedia articles!
  1047. Links for 2009-08-18
  1048. Links for 2009-08-17
  1049. Links for 2009-08-14
  1050. Links for 2009-08-13
  1051. Phew, NoScript now blocks HTML5 media
  1052. Australian Central Credit Union, PermitCookies
  1053. Facebook buying Friendfeed, off to Tumblr
  1054. On Tim Berners-Lee and URI hacks
  1055. urlTea now, this stuff is scary
  1056. Uh oh, I killed The Google Readers
  1057. My pledge in response to Experts-Exchange
  1058. Links for 2009-08-09
  1059. The 2009.06.08 #TwitterFail
  1060. Celebrating 1,888 posts!
  1061. Is it a final goodbye for urlTea?
  1062. What kind of Twitter user are you?
  1063. New BriefingsDirect design looks familiar
  1064. Links for 2009-08-02
  1065. 18,000 tweets and all that
  1066. Uh oh, I killed The Wikipedias
  1067. Microhoo won’t undercut Google, for now
  1068. Microhoo: a formidable partnership!
  1069. Chatting with Dana Gardner on Twitter
  1070. There’s nothing wrong with online privacy
  1071. Links for 2009-07-29
  1072. New theme merging whatnot
  1073. Relationship between Twitter and blogs
  1074. eBay thinks I’m a women who drinks coffee
  1075. Womanwithbite has been Twitter blocked
  1076. Links for 2009-07-14
  1077. Seperate templates for WordPress categories
  1078. My dad’s site has gone live
  1079. Checking if tweets are under 140 characters
  1080. is now JavaScript free! I think
  1081. Sue Heins from Inspring Women on Twitter!
  1082. Links for 2009-07-12
  1083. Links for 2009-07-11
  1084. Why do they need 2 weeks to unsubscribe me?
  1085. Links for 2009-07-09
  1086. Links for 2009-07-08
  1087. Getting priorities right with WordPress 2.9
  1088. Mike Rann tells me it’s cold in Adelaide
  1089. Links for 2009-07-04
  1090. Gmail’s awful new label system
  1091. Twitter needs personalised filtering
  1092. Removing Categories from WordPress URIs
  1093. Links for 2009-06-27
  1094. Desired features for Twitter and whatnot
  1095. Don’t fix Outlook, ditch HTML email!
  1096. Links for 2009-06-25
  1097. Links for 2009-06-24
  1098. Adding my Twitter account to WeFollow
  1099. Links for 2009-06-23
  1100. Links for 2009-06-22
  1101. On effective blog taglines
  1102. Using Qmax as your free Wireless@SG carrier
  1103. Singapore’s Wireless@SG extended to 2013
  1104. @WomanwithBite versus @Rubenerd and co!
  1105. Links for 2009-06-15
  1106. Links for 2009-06-13
  1107. On online mail, email and mail online
  1108. Links for 2009-06-12
  1109. Links for 2009-06-10
  1110. Excluding WordPress categories
  1111. An insightful, honest Twitter message
  1112. GRC newsgroup discusson on Leo Laporte
  1113. Trippy Slashdot feedback picture whatsit
  1114. Servage and I are officially no more!
  1115. Unintended spam obfuscation poetry
  1116. A week off blogging looks like this
  1117. Happy 1st of June, bandwidth quota reset
  1118. Bing ain’t a Wolfram Alpha, Google, Yahoo
  1119. See you on the 1st of June
  1120. Whoops, 89% over transfer limit!
  1121. Yahoo obfuscates search results now too
  1122. WordPress category URI conundrum
  1123. CNET comments are getting old
  1124. Creating clouds of links instead of long lists
  1125. Web aggregators: the chocolate shop problem
  1126. Disjointed geographic observations on Wolfram Alpha
  1127. My final verdict on Clipmarks
  1128. RSS, Show, Anime, Thoughts, WWR
  1129. Karen Collins shooting Jim on Whole Wheat Radio
  1130. SimpleTags for WordPress
  1131. Quiz says I have a Northeast American accent
  1132. Should blog posts be treated as time capsules?
  1133. Why do spammers spam?
  1134. Expected to find the Rubenerd Forum?
  1135. Cheap online source for software spam
  1136. New Show stuff… almost worked!
  1137. Technorati claim thingy
  1138. Swine flu spam already?
  1139. The Schade Family Internet Grid!
  1140. Rescuing Wikipedia from some of its editors
  1141. The end of an era: no more GeoCities
  1142. Advertising on
  1143. Om Malik on Facebook’s identity crisis
  1144. Restoring posts since February finally done!
  1145. Turning off Post Revisions in WordPress
  1146. I’m back at, just like 2004!
  1147. Hello world!
  1148. WordPress post ID 4000 celebration
  1149. Some LivingSocial updates
  1150. Review of Living Social top five lists
  1151. Giving credit where its due to Internode
  1152. Clipmark: China spying on Aussie PM’s emails
  1153. I just finished installing Movable Type 4!
  1154. Yucky obfuscated Google search result links
  1155. Was ALMOST ready to overuse Clipmarks!
  1156. Clipmark: Slashdot Aussie censorship comment
  1157. Linking to registration pages on Twitter
  1158. Is Facebook trying to rip off my beloved Twitter?
  1159. Clipmark: Senator Conroy on Twitter
  1160. Playing around with Clipmarks
  1161. Clipmarks test post with a photo
  1162. New Clipmarks account test post
  1163. Pointless post 1234 milestone celebration
  1164. Reattributing authors in WordPress
  1165. WordPress eXtended export fun, 2007-09
  1166. It started as a post comparing Reader and Bloglines
  1167. Is it RIP for Singapore internet radio? Probably
  1168. No Twitter makes me chew office furniture
  1169. A fancier Scarlet A from The OUT Campaign
  1170. An Optus phone billing adventure
  1171. Followup to my Simple Spam Filter review
  1172. The Delicious bookmarklets are all you need
  1173. Facebook’s terms of service change? Yawn.
  1174. Every friggen page is now XHTML 1.0 Strict
  1175. Spelling it rediculous makes you look it
  1176. Redundant Web 2.0 slogans are
  1177. W3C’s XHTML ordered list mistake
  1178. Rubenerd Blog XHTML 1.0 Strict-yness
  1179. Stephen Fry on Creative Commons
  1180. I cite Wikipedia in everything I do!
  1181. TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter
  1182. This site may harm your computer! Google error
  1183. Discovering a miracle cure for hotlinking!
  1184. Putting off customers to attract customers?
  1185. A ridiculously pointless 1111 post celebration
  1186. thinks this blog is about Management?
  1187. Defending my Internet Archive uploading methods
  1188. Uploading Shows to the IA, day 2
  1189. Uploading 260+ shows to the IA, one at a time
  1190. Perhaps 2009 isn’t a complete write off yet
  1191. Shows are now on
  1192. I love blog commenting systems again
  1193. The ball is in your court Ourmedia
  1194. How long does it take to reset Twitter passwords?
  1195. A reference reference to a J-Walk reference
  1196. Voltaire on superfluous blogging and hair styles
  1197. A year of blogging condensed into a Wordle
  1198. Remembering my silly mum one year on
  1199. Agitating Google Reader users!
  1200. My phantom Ourmedia account is a phantom
  1201. Google Reader struggle continues!
  1202. Eventually there will be posts with substance
  1203. Chicken soup, a nice thick blanket and a book of cliches
  1204. A kitchen for Pownce users
  1205. Pownce exported me a 404 error screen
  1206. On Google Reader, the iPhone and J-Walkyness
  1207. Having fun with out Aussie download quotas
  1208. I’m being punished for supporting blog comments!
  1209. Scripts to make Google Reader usable again!
  1210. It started as a post about drafts!
  1211. A koobface nail in the coffin for Facebook
  1212. Google Reader takes a turn for the bland
  1213. Google Map of Adelaide Christmas light displays
  1214. Net censorship like trying to boil the ocean
  1215. Visualising Google searches with StateStats
  1216. My final Pownce post for posterity
  1217. Pownce export feature now available
  1218. Goodbye Pownce, I Hardly Used Thee
  1219. Never thought I’d have 1000 posts!
  1220. They listened! DBS no longer supporting FOTF
  1221. Warm feedback for my DBS FOTH post
  1222. OPML feed for Great Australian Firewall resources
  1223. The GetUp Team on the Great Australian Firewall
  1224. DBS Bank’s support for Focus on the Family
  1225. Sunday afternoon philosophy: spiritual atheism
  1226. An Adelaide Airport addendum post thing
  1227. Blog spammers now using targeted advertising?
  1228. The EFA’s Dale Clapperton on Triple M
  1229. I’m calling it quits on Facebook
  1230. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be sending this
  1231. Google Reader feature requests
  1232. Spamhaus names Microsoft in their top 5
  1233. Remembrance Day header image updated
  1234. Google Reader, take three!
  1235. Google Reader has me bamboozled
  1236. Metadata urges is an unfortunate title
  1237. New Aussie NoCleanFeed protest graphics
  1238. No Clean Feed, No Censorship on Australian internet
  1239. On RSS, Michael Moore, Jim Kloss and Taxis
  1240. Open letter to overseas Facebook users
  1241. When people lose interest in you, use Qwitter
  1242. If you like my writing, you can buy me a coffee!
  1243. Registering for Brightkite fun, just a slight mistake
  1244. Journalistic merging of wikis and blogs?
  1245. So much feedback, yet this barely qualifies as a post
  1246. Blue Day 2008 and Mental Health Week
  1247. AltaVista Babel Fish is no more
  1248. Happy 10th birthday wishes for Google
  1249. My sister Elke now has a lettuth weblog
  1250. How do you curb weblog sporadic-ness?
  1251. Disingenuousity isn’t a word, but should be
  1252. Cleaning out accumulated FTP crap
  1253. Eeirily accurate web comics are eeiry
  1254. Is WordPress news not anymore?
  1255. This useless 810th post has the ID 1337
  1256. Internode rocks!
  1257. Post 800!
  1258. Virgin Broadband doesn’t like my money!
  1259. Can’t log in after upgrading to WordPress 2.6
  1260. The Adobe Flash of the comments world
  1261. Telecommunications infrastructure shock…?
  1262. Taking the high road, I hope!
  1263. On Adelaide life updates and tank chairs
  1264. Hotlinking isn’t. Ruben arrested for bad heading
  1265. The CNET Mac Conspiracy
  1266. Whole Wheat Radio Wireless@SG problems
  1267. Sus meeting up spam
  1268. Web 8.0 goodness
  1269. Using Twhirl with Jaiku
  1270. Very expensive podcast folder nostalgia
  1271. Retro Atlantic Neon signs
  1272. Google says I’m a spammer, again
  1273. Microsoft not to buy Yahoo?
  1274. A pleasant afternoon quiz distraction
  1275. Konqueror suppoirt isn’t a new Gmail feature
  1276. I’m not being blocked so far!
  1277. The Commodore logo stats conspiracy
  1278. Specify image dimensions and save the world!
  1279. A philosophical Twitter question
  1280. Why do you use Twitter?
  1281. Using just as a bookmark repository
  1282. A silly happy birthday Elke!
  1283. UN report on women chilling, not surprising
  1284. Useless post 700 post milestone post
  1285. Comments instead of the forum
  1286. Archaic existence rude metals spam
  1287. What happened to groovy Scripting News?
  1288. Does believing in God make you happier?
  1289. No LockerGnome, I now block you
  1290. Is embedded spam getting worse?
  1291. Boohoo Microsoft Yahoo paraphernalia
  1292. The super wicked evil 666 post!
  1293. Rubenerd Blog made it to Upian’s Hot Links!
  1294. Family post with technical sociological term thingys
  1295. Jeremy Zawodny inspired Yahoo scenarios
  1296. Migrating from to Magnolia
  1297. Microsoft and Yahoo? Better close my accounts!
  1298. Twitter is down again!
  1299. Show on hiatus
  1300. Emergency Twitter offline postings
  1301. Snitter gets a Leopard makeover
  1302. Why do people add me en-masse on Twitter?
  1303. On spam and Schadenfreude
  1304. Felix and I start Tumblr weblogs!
  1305. Happy birthday dad!
  1306. Moving over to Segment Publishing!
  1307. 1000 Rubenerd musings!
  1308. Servage takes site offline for 3 days
  1309. Weird CNET network links
  1310. Rainer Schade’s open source juice
  1311. Maths spam experiment kaput
  1312. MTV ads on Twitter?
  1313. Coffee, free wifi and Twitter
  1314. Twitter down, internet addiction!
  1315. Fickleness 101: Sticking with WordPress
  1316. Wireless@SG harder than people give credit
  1317. Another mum treatment update
  1318. Evil spam rain becomes a deluge
  1319. Flash: repeating past mistakes
  1320. Adelaide in… Austria?
  1321. A Friday Vista
  1322. The Leo Laporte Jaiku effect
  1323. Twitter versus Jaiku shenanigans
  1324. Singapore humble on Google Maps!
  1325. On Ruby CGI, hospitals and stuff
  1326. Dumbass psychos and KL back to normal lah
  1327. Joomla forum account deleted
  1328. Kuala Lumpur International Airport WiFi is sweet!
  1329. The all new Show is online!
  1330. The all new Rubenerd Blog is online!
  1331. Pretend You’re At a Malaysian WiFi Hotspot!
  1332. Fake Uni Degree Spam
  1333. Creating a LinkedIn Profile
  1334. Dopey Lottery Spam
  1335. Secret Youth Tobacco Ads on YouTube?
  1336. We Have Internet and Telephone Again!
  1337. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf WiFi Down
  1338. Rubenerd Unplugged 001 2006.10.25
  1339. Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Spam
  1340. Slashdot Quote
  1341. Rubenerd Blog Maintenance
  1342. New Google Notifier
  1343. Partial-Time Job Vacations, Kerrie !
  1344. Online Auctions Raise Value of Charity Gifts
  1345. Wikipedia Error
  1346. Revisiting The Venerable A Tag
  1347. Another eBay Error
  1348. Ruben is Romantic: Quizilla
  1349. Dice Testimonial
  1350. AAA Mortgage Solutions
  1351. Registering for Slashdot
  1352. Break The Chain
  1353. Technorati Tag Plugin
  1354. Random Weirdness Spam
  1355. Ramtil Oil
  1356. Is Down?
  1357. Frank Edward Nora’s Blog
  1358. Fathers Day PayPal Spam
  1359. Pokuga Test Spam
  1360. Malaysian Department of Agriculture
  1361. University Chronicles of Ruben
  1362. Bad Connection, Bad Connection
  1363. Socceroo Ducati 999 on eBay
  1364. Casino Spam
  1365. Unable To Reach Gmail
  1366. Post 200!
  1367. Replica Watches Spam
  1368. Jordy Blog: Hollywood Hates You
  1369. Colloquy 2.1 Beta (Universal Binary)
  1370. Preying On The Less Knowledgeable
  1371. Nocturnal Spam
  1372. Gmail Slowmail
  1373. PayPal Australia’s New Newsletter
  1374. Software Purchase Spam
  1375. Wrong Season eBay Spam
  1376. Servage Hates WordPress
  1377. Dave Winer versus Rainer Schade
  1378. Make It Great by Phil Gerbyshak: eBook?
  1379. Five General Rules in Web Design
  1380. Movable Type 3.3 Released
  1381. My UniSA Student Portal Stinks
  1382. Make It Great by Phil Gerbyshak: eBook?
  1383. Headline: Ruben More Fickle Than Ever
  1384. Existance of the blog
  1385. University Spam
  1386. Finally Made User Page on Wikipedia
  1387. Useful Guide to MIME Types
  1388. Comforting Military Grade Encryption Spam
  1389. Finally Got Wireless Working At UniSA!
  1390. AllOfMp3 Is Down
  1391. CSS Styled <hr /> Tags
  1392. Pointless Spam
  1393. Credit Spam?
  1394. Best Bittorrent Sites (Ongoing)
  1395. Windows Spam
  1396. Spam Unsubscribe Gives CafePress’s Life Story
  1397. Spam #009
  1398. Thanks
  1399. Spam #008
  1400. Email Woes
  1401. Internet Down Again
  1402. No More RSS, RDF (rescinded)
  1403. Spam #007
  1404. Spam #006
  1405. Spam #005
  1406. UniSA, What Were You Thinking?
  1407. Low Interest Rate Home Loan Spam
  1408. Spam #003
  1409. Spam #002
  1410. Ruben Versus Servage FTP
  1411. Sus eBay Email
  1412. Quit Meter
  1413. Operation WTF is OVR
  1414. Operation WTF
  1415. Dick Cheney Shirt
  1416. Meeting Established
  1417. Good Malaysian Webhosting
  1418. Hello world!
  1419. Technorati
  1420. Painfully unreliable internet
  1421. WordPress and webserver status
  1422. Choosing a blogging tool
  1423. The First Post