Five General Rules in Web Design


Intense Development: Five General Rules in Web Design

I'm surprised that "A Blog focusing on Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Services" is so poorly designed. Okay, it's really not that bad but for a site that's intended for blogging about good web design, I would expect above average. The posts have no formatting whatsoever. The post I'm about to discuss was even laid out as a numbered list, but instead of typing ordered or unordered HTML tags they just wrote it out verbatim. Not good lah!

Anyway, they do have a great post about rules in web design, boiled down into five points:

  1. Do not use splash pages
  2. Do not use excessive banner advertisements
  3. Have a simple and clear navigation
  4. Have a clear indication of where the user is
  5. Avoid using audio on your site

I would stress though there's one more critical point: Make your site accessible. Use established web and usability standards so those people who are using atypical software or devices to access your content (such as screen readers for the vision impared or even mobile phones etc) can do so.

Oh yeah, and a dash of humour is always a good thing too… have to give points to "Intense Development" for this :).

Intense Development: Five General Rules in Web Design

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