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Gita Bayu

The club hose in Gita Bayu (housing park in KL we live in)

Well after one of the most trying, testing [and other words beginning with T] weeks we've ever had, things seem to be going a bit better now. My mum is having a huge amount of trouble keeping food down still and all her joints are really painful meaning she's spending her whole time stuck in bed, but her sense of humour seems to be coming back which makes it all seem a bit less dire.

I've been given leave for a week by my boss which is great news and I appreciate it, and my mum has her right medication now. I'm still going to be taking it easy for this week and try to make the most of the situation.

Given though the current and at times unpredictable way my life is going at the moment, I think I'll be moving the Rubenerd Show to once a week again. I've loved doing week daily shows but I think it's time to be reasonable; there have been too many delays as it is.

Thanks everyone again, hopefully I'll be able to answer the mountains of email in a week or so.

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