Okay, I've been in this lecture for a while now, and there are two girls in front are so damned immiture it's not funny. Seriously.

This is what she has laughed at during the last half hour:

  • lecturer's phone buzzed
  • name lecturer mentioned had "ooz" in it
  • lecturer's microphone made a brief fart sound
  • lecturer says to read "Larman" textbook
  • lecturer says "I deleted the originals"
  • lecturer says "theres a zip file… somewhere"
  • lecturer says "go to the forum and post"
  • lecturer says "I dont go to pieces if I dont answer something"
  • lecturer says "for dice game you have a die"
  • lecturer's phone rang

Quote on guy's book next to me: I'm not alone, I'm with myself – Jane Fonder

Well would you look at that, Mrs Mature has started doodling flowers, hearts, barbed wire, "this subject sux" words on her book, this is so cliche its painful. And laughing at little kiddy things. And taking about how she got drunk on Saturday night.

16 going on 20?