Ima let you finish this Kanye K-on avatar post


My avatar on Twitter in mid September

Enclosed above for your convenience and for posterity is my avatar on Twitter for one of the shortest-lived memes in the history of the intertubes in mid September. Lots of people had this on their avatar but I thought it particularly made sense on mine seeing as I was on a phone and all. In the middle of a canola field.

I would write more on this post, and I'm being told I'm going to be allowed to finish it, but apparently there are other bloggers who's posts are better. To be fair, I'm not in disagreement with him. Because he likes fishsticks! Wow, two memes in one. Now that's value for money.

Yui from K-On

In retrospect I should have used this super cute avatar of Yui instead. I've changed my mind, she's my favourite character along with Mio instead of just Mio; apparently I just needed to watch K-On again to be reminded of her awesomeness. That reminds me, I still have BluRay episodes to watch and review. Take that lowly widescreen versions! Mua har har!

Ima let you finish. On a side note, when I first heard about Kanye West years ago, I thought his name was Kayne (as in Cane) West. True story.

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