I’m 31


A pretty low-key birthday today, but that’s always been my style. I was terrified about turning 30, but recent family adventures render me happy, relieved and feeling very fortunate for making it this far ^_^.

Here, have a figlet:

 _____ _
|___ // |
  |_ \| |
 ___) | |

Or this one!

  ****   ** 
 */// * *** 
/    /*//** 
   ***  /** 
  /// * /** 
 *   /* /** 
/ ****  ****
 ////  //// 

As far as years go, my 30th on this planet was amazing. I met so many of my foreign friends in New York, Philly and New Jersey; made progress on several personal fronts; advanced in my career at a company with colleagues I’d consider friends. After so many years of veritable shit, I have much to be thankful for now.

I’m looking forward to next year, when I become fully 32bit compliant. This whole time I’ve been backporting binaries from future me, and recompiling them for my insufficient 16bit brain.

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