Internet Explorer 6 Must Die Twibbon


Internet Explorer 6 Must Die Twibbon

Despite being released during the last ice age, Internet Explorer 6 is still choking innovation and standards on the web, perhaps just as Microsoft intended. We need to get Internet Explorer 6 users off the net and onto newer browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or if they're okay with companies calling home then Chrome might also be feasible. Heck even Internet Explorer 8 or Windows Internet Explorer 8 or Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Home Premium Online Edition 2009 would be a start.

Fortunately there is a way to encourage users on corporate computers who aren't allowed to install or modify the software on their machine and inexperienced users who don't know how to install or modify software in the first place to move over to a different browser, and it's so breathtakingly obvious I'm kicking my left shin with my left foot for not coming up with it myself.

By going to Twibbon you can add an Internet Explorer 6 must die badge on your Twitter profile and let the entire world see it! I suspect once such a movement reaches critical mass even the companies still on Windows 2000 will start to take notice and upgrade.

Okay I admit it, I was being sarcastic (no, really?) but the truth is we do need to get Internet Explorer 6 off the net. Even if only one person changes their browser in response to seeing my Toblerone nose that happens to have an indecipherable graphic that I assume is a tiny Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Home Premium Online Edition 2009 icon with a strike through it, then I know it was worth it.

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