I’d rather be happy than “right”


Cover of the Time Together CD.

During those dark hours when trolls, pedants and trolling pedants are throwing mud as they are wont to do, I remember this Michael Franks song and go about my day.

When you meet… someone who inspires your worst angry voice
Just retreat… happiness is always a much better choice
Why chagrin? If you’re insisting on the last word, it’s quite over-rated
Like our mothers taught: Unkind words we just ought not to

Hey, everything you’re saying is so contra-bliss
Okay, I think I can see where you’re going with this
True, We have had our differences there all along
But who, Who of us can say he has never been wrong?

Like the sky, this is all shadows and light
I guess I would rather be happy than right

Every day life is like a mixture of sugar and sand
On the way we are given lessons we misunderstand
If I fail
To no avail
Still I always try to be
Like the wise ant who
Takes the sugar home
And just leaves the sand alone

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