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Neal from the Into Your Head and Over Your Head shows on his first experience with photocopiers:

@Rubenerd No but he once let me photocopy a drawing of a cat on office equipment after hours. Don’t tell the newspapers. #

@Rubenerd That was back in the early eighties. Photocopying was like going to the moon back then. Especially if you were six years old. #

Granted my first experience with photocopying stuff at my dad's office was in the mid nineties, but as he was I was captivated by this almost magic machine that could take a picture and make tons of identical copies of it! I also liked how smooth and glossy the toner felt compared to the crappy colour dot matrix ink from our Fujitsu printer at home ;).

Ten years later I was in high school and using the library's photocopier to reproduce chapers from borrowed books to put in my so-called "Photocopy Folder of Ruben's Interests". By which I mean I cleared the rights for copyright in advance. Yeah, that's it.

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