I want to redo or stop using categories


There’s an Evangelion joke in there somewhere, but I digress. Back in 2008, I had too many categories. I condensed them into fewer than a dozen, which I’ve mostly retained since. I know them off by heart:

  • anime
  • annexe
  • hardware
  • internet
  • media
  • show
  • software
  • thoughts
  • travel

I don’t like them now. Before they were too numerous and prescriptive, and now they’re too vague. Hardware… you mean, like a hammer? Ones like annexe are only ever used for housekeeping; show is only used for podcasts; and thoughts is a catch-all that doesn’t mean much.

If I think about the kinds of things I blog about now, it’d probably be closer to this:

  • anime
  • bsd
  • cafes
  • ethics
  • macos
  • music
  • retrocomputing
  • reviews
  • travel

But that raises the question, does that phrase have five words? And if I change my category scheme here, does it need to be retroactive? Do I try and convert tags?

I suppose the bigger question is whether people even use the categories in the first place to find stuff. I don’t think I have for a long time. Maybe I was on the right track in 2006 with using categories as tags. One fewer taxonomy would make some things easier.

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