Here’s a delightful email I got this morning:

Amazing job on your page it has some good references to “marketing” so I wanted to get in touch with you and ask, what you think about this article BRAND AND MARKETING STRATEGIES: TAKING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL

You can read it right here: $REDACTED

I would like to hear your opinion on this article. Also, if you find it useful, please consider linking to it from your page I mentioned earlier. If you prefer you may republish the article. Let me know what you think.

My post she linked to was almost a decade old, and specifically mentioned how I didn’t like Hootsuite’s Social Bar. There’s your evidence that these spammers don’t read the stuff they purport to. But better still, this was halfway down their own article:

It may seem a little low-tech compared to some of today’s more advanced tools, but email remains a massively popular form of communication. If done well, it can provide an impressive ROI, or return on investment.

If done well being the operative phrase. Maybe I could have been suckered into their stuff if they heeded their own advice.