I got Merlin in FGO!


Long-time readers here would know that Fate/Grand Order is my own mobile game vice. I got into it during Clara’s and my first trip to Japan, and it’s been an on-off again fixture of my life ever since. I’ve been tempted by the likes of Honkai Star Rail and Ark Nights, but I guess I was always predisposed to loving FGO as a Type Mooner.

My waifus have long been Mashu, Nero, and Summer Jeanne Alter, but I’ve wanted Merlin since the beginning. He is the GOAT for arts-heavy, defensive players, to the point where he’s been a fixture of my lineup. He’s also gorgeous, but that goes without saying.

I’ve tried summoning him for years. I’ve chosen casters for my guaranteed yearly summons, have saved quartz and splurged when he comes around, but after more than a dozen separate events… nothing. Who’s counting though?

Then last night… boom!

Merlin after being summoned in the game.

I won’t tell you how much better this has made me feel this morning. Aside from being a tad embarrassing, I’ll be too busy levelling him up with all my hoarded materials.

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