hwbrowser Hardware Browser


hwbrowser is a slick little GTK application that probes your Linux machine's hardware and presents the results in a two pane window, in a similar fashion to OS X's Hardware Profiler.

Some things I like about it

  • Fast, simple, no nonsense
  • Self explanatory, no docs needed (or are provided!)
  • Uses GTK but doesn’t use any of the Gnome APIs, so you can use it on DEs like Xfce without too many dependencies
  • For a FOSS application the icon is surprisingly well detailed and cute — very important!

It's certainly no replacement for procfs or dmesg piped to less/more, but if you just want a quick and broad overview of the hardware on your system it's spiffy. It's also quite old, but given its not available on FreeBSD I could be forgiven for not knowing of its existance… right?

Almost works great on Fedora

I've settled on Fedora as my Linux distribution of choice; as far as I know hwbrowser isn't installed by default but it's available from the free YUM repos. The only caveat is for some reason the Hard Drive tab remains blank.

Fedora 13 is out but my machines are still on 12 at the time of this post.

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