Hugo 0.18.1



Static site generators are wonderful, and Hugo has the best performance. What used to take half an hour for others to generate 5000+ posts here now takes seconds. It made static blogging available to me again, like a delightfully creamy puff patry. What?

I missed it in a routine software update, but 0.18 was released last year:

Today, we’re excited to release the much-anticipated Hugo 0.18!

We’re heading towards the end of the year 2016, and we can look back on three releases and a steady growing community around the project. This release includes over 220 contributions by nearly 50 contributors to the main codebase. Since the last release, Hugo has gained 1750 stars and 27 additional themes.

Hugo now has:

13750+ stars 408+ contributors 137+ themes

And a patch was recently released:

Hugo 0.18.1 is a bug fix release fixing some issues introduced in Hugo 0.18:

Fix 32-bit binaries #2847 Fix issues with preserveTaxonomyNames #2809 Fix .URL for taxonomy pages when uglyURLs=true #2819 Fix IsTranslated and Translations for node pages #2812 Make template error messages more verbose #2820

That last one especially is a life saver.

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