While I think WordPress is an incredible, easy to use and reliable publishing platform, the one gripe I have is that there is no nice default archive page.

Browsing around I came across a great site which I used to create custom archive pages for this blog and for the Rubenerd Show:

db.rambleschmack.net: How to Make a WordPress Archives Page

By default, WordPress doesn’t seem to have an archives page. It just stacks up all your months of writing in the sidebar. This strikes me as an inelegant solution (interface clutter, anyone?) It also strikes me as a solution that does not scale well. I haven’t yet come across a WP site that’s been going for, say, five years (in fact I don’t think its been around anywhere near that long), but just imagine.

It’s actually remarkably easy to make your own archives page with the power of WordPress templates (AKA themes.)

VERY useful, check it out.