I’m writing this post as I sit here at the Earlwood Library, basking in its crisp air conditioning and drinking litres of chilled water from my fridge down the road. Earlier today, I was typing code and prose at the Euro Coffee Bar and chatting with the owner about the new air curtains he had installed to keep the aircon inside.

According to ADN and the Twitterari, Sydney had its hottest day since records were begun 157 years ago. Having blogged about the temperature reaching 41° earlier in the month, today it got past 47°C (about 117°F). I compared walking outside on that day to being hit in the face by a hair dryer. Today, it was more akin to stepping into a tandoori oven, and without the benefit of getting food afterwards. What an insult.

I’m lucky I didn’t have to catch a train. Predictably, CityRail is in chaos (screenshot), with all but two lines reporting delays and skipped stations, including mine.

I’m super lucky to have been able to enjoy air conditioning all day today. Plenty of people weren’t so lucky.