So I was just watching Home.Life.Style (Australian Home Lifestyle show.. I know I surprise even myself) while doing my economics homework, and the lead presenter starting taking about the Dell Inspiron xxxx.

She said it was so great for watching DVDs, it had a HUGE 40GB hard drive (what time period is she from?), plenty of RAM with 256MB, and Windows XP.

Since when is a 40GB hard drive HUGE for a laptop? And since when does Windows XP run fine with only 256MB of RAM? I know this is a Dell we're talking about, but even this is pretty slack.

Conveniently she didn't mention that appauling technical support, their slow response times to support questions, the "shoddiness" of their machines' construction, their limited lifetimes and the fact you're stuck with using the most unreliable, buggy and insecure operating system with it to boot.

Sure it's $1400. But surely your sanity and work performance are worth more!