I found these old instructions in nvALT for installing Tomcat 6 in Eclipse with Java EE and other such fun. Not really sure if there’s anything useful here, but if you can parse it, feel free to use.

1. Install Homebrew
2. Install homebrew-cask

3. Install eclipse-ide
4. Help -> Install Software
5. “Work With” -> Choose “Keplar” or “–All available sites–”
6. Search Java EE
7. Install “Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools” under
“Web, XML, JavaEE and OSGi Enterprise Development”
8. Confirm review, next
9. Accept licence agreement, finish
10. Wait for Installing Software
11. “You will need to restart”

12. brew tap homebrew/versions
13. brew install tomcat6

14. In Eclipse: File -> New -> Other
15. Choose Server -> Server, next
16. Now you can choose tomcat6 from homebrew location