Home DSL provisioned! Awwwww yeah!


Look out world, I'll be blogging more nonsense again!

This title is the bongly bongly deng diggy diggy

Having lived with tethered internet and one of those misleadingly titled Open Network dongles, this morning our new modem arrived. We connected it up and… we have DSL! After a two month hiatus, we've now returned to the 21st century.

Given our home line is with Optus we went with them for the DSL, but we paid a larger deposit (or whatever it was) so we're not locked into a contract. Our attempts to have service provisioned with Internode and TPG were fruitless, but mysteriously Optus had us online within two days.

haruhisign.gifNot knowing anything about Aussie telcos I can only assume they were able to pull strings that resellers couldn't, I don't know. Maybe I need to get a bloke called Andrew or Alex to explain this! In Singapore we always had direct cable so all this reseller stuff is foreign and weird and strange and all that.

Your strange national customs confuse me

Maybe we'll churn after this billing month (a term I just learned, makes it sound like your ISP has stomach problems), but for now we're just glad to have something! Once again I can blog nonsense on a more regular basis ^_^.

For those interested or who have nothing better to do, I first discussed the problems with provisioning internet at this address back on the 14th of September. We'd been trying since August.

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