Every now and then I press Wikipedia’s Random Article link, and came across an article about this northern area of Germany:

Holstein Switzerland (German: Holsteinische Schweiz) is a hilly area with a patchwork of lakes and forest in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, reminiscent of Swiss landscape. Its highest point is the Bungsberg (168 metres above sea level). It is a designated nature park as well as an important tourist destination in Northern Germany situated between the cities of Kiel and Lübeck.

Regarding the name:

[…] goes back to the 19th century when holidaying in Switzerland was particularly popular amongst the well-to-do. As a consequence, other regions strove to add the name “Switzerland” to their description.

There are some gorgeous landscape photos on the article, but I especially liked the composition of the one below by Oliver Raupach in 2007. I wonder what the woman on the right is looking at?

Photo of park benches overlooking a lake scene. A couple sits on the right bench, and a single woman on the left gazing into the distance.