A hodgepodge of error messages


Neal O'Carroll's entertaining error message

Three random and entirely pointless error messages for your consideration.

The first, pictured above, is the eloquent Neal O'Carroll from the aaaaaaaah Into Your Head podcast letting people know his site hasn't gone off the deep end. I would never be caught making a grammar mistake or typo on my own site, and I'd certainly never instruct people to "click here" but then put the link somewhere else. Looking forward to that pie though, it's going to be schweet. Wonder if I can ask him to pick mine up from the Hairy Lemon?

Neal O'Carroll stalling my upload client

The second error, pictured above, is Neal O'Carroll stalling my file transfer application. I thought his error message was overly cryptic and suspicious, and it turns out I was right. He clearly planted malware on the page so when I took a screenshot it attached itself to the file. It even survived processing and file conversion in The Gimp. He's a crafty one.

TweetDeck telling me not to panic

The second error, wait, third error, pictured above, is from TweetDeck while I'm using the public WiFi hotspot here. Don't panic!? That's easy enough for you to say, you're not addicted to Twitter through a Twitter client, you are the Twitter client! And who do you think you are, Douglas Adams?! Yeesh.

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