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Hey Everybody It’s Jimbo was a delightfully offbeat podcast by Jimbo on The Overnightscape Underground. He asked me if he could feature an episode I’d done in this compilation, which I was happy to be a part of! Update 2020: Jimbo is no longer with us, so this episode is particularly special to me. Thanks for All The Great Shows.

54:56 – Jimbo broke his back making this episode (really he did; he is in a body cast right now as he sifts through the buffet line). A myriad of Onsuggers show up here and they all are talking about one thing: bizarre synchronicities that have happened to them. You’ll be shocked and amazed. Some may even soil and stain their pants. Carl Jung, pffft. We’ve got this covered: twenty one synchronicities to chew on. Intro: Frank Nora and PQ Ribber .. Synchronicity I (cover of The Police song by Vasquez) .. Frank Nora: 2001 A Space Odyssey .. Jimbo: Vic and Sade and Onsug .. Alex (2010) Lady Prosecutor .. Jimbo: Lords Over .. Frank Nora: Funky Moose .. Shambles Constant: Tina Fey .. Jimbo: The Saint TV show .. Frank Nora: Animation School .. Ruben Schade: A Message from Frank Nora .. Shambles Constant: Kurt Vonnegut .. PQ Ribber: Don Adams and Get Smart .. Frank Nora: Tin Machine .. Carrie Michel: Jimbo in Amarillo .. Jimbo: Wheatena .. Frank Nora: Harem Scarem .. Jimbo: Jim Backus .. Shambles Constant: Robert Johnson .. Carrie Michel: Inner Sanctum .. Frank Nora: Daryl Hanna, Newhart and Shambles .. Jimbo: Joba Chamberlain and Midges .. Frank Nora: Mandolin

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