Hey, bash doesn’t exist

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Just as a personal wrapup to bashgate (bashbleed, shellshock?), I uninstalled bash from my FreeBSD boxes. My scripts could all be run with sh anyway, and I hadn’t needed it for anything other than my cloud provider’s context system, but that’s for another post.

In doing so, I made one of my FreeBSD systems so secure, neither Clara or I could even log in! Tailing auth.log:

User X not allowed because shell /bin/bash does not exist
User Y not allowed because shell /bin/bash does not exist

One would be well served running chsh before removing your shell.

In any case, I’m using the system default tcsh again, and swapped it back on my Macs. Heck, I’ve even got it as my default shell on Debian (though isn’t bash on that system just dash anyway?). I can still write tcshrc from memory :).

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