He’s back, with housekeeping


I abstained from blogging over the past week out of respect for our beloved family pet Tigerlily, and so she could get top billing for a while. Thanks to all of you for your kind words, I was blown away, bowled over, and every other metrological metaphor you care to impart. ♡

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, with a couple of housekeeping items:

  • Next and previous post links are gone until I can fix them. The otherwise-awesome static site generator Hugo deprecated the way I was calling these, but the drop-in replacement functions they quoted simply don’t work, or at least not the same way as advertised.

  • My posts for Michael Dexter’s bhyvecon BSD hypervisor conference in Tokyo and now Ontario will be up soon. These have been among the technical highlights of the year for me; I’m so pumped for everything that’s happening in this space.

  • I’ve had more feedback on my Arena swimsuit fitness post than I have for any other in a while. I wanted to acknowledge everyone here, and say my followup post is also incoming! This silly blog is now on the first page of DuckDuckGo and lesser search engines for the specific suits Clara and I were looking at, which is so delightfully odd and silly I can’t help but smile.

  • Speaking of Clara, I’m in the process of importing her disparate blogs into one place and hosting them on a shiny new FreeBSD OrionVM instance. Her writing is more interesting than mine, so I’m keen to showcase it again.

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