Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio


Herrie tuned into Whole Wheat Radio on my Mac

Just finished polishing up the Herrie media player page on the Whole Wheat Radio wiki. Over time I've being going through each media player and adding instructions with screenshots so hopefully any new person who has never tuned in before can get up and running easily.

  1. Download a "Listen" playlist from the sidebar of the wiki
  2. Launch herrie in playlist mode: % herrie -x
  3. Navigate to the saved listen.pls file by using your arrow keys
  4. Add it to your playlist by pressing "A"
  5. Change focus to your playlist by pressing "Tab" then press "X" to start playing!
  6. When you’re done, press "Q" to quit

I think Jim really intended these pages to just be explanations for the players that appear on the Who's listening page, but I figure if at least one person found the information helpful it was worth it. Heck I owe the existence of this blog to that philosophy… right? ^_^

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