Help NetBSD test 9.0 Release Candidate 2


I tweeted about this earlier today, but this is huge news. If you have a spare moment, please download and run the latest release candidate for NetBSD 9.0 for an architecture you can test on.

NetBSD 9.0 looks to be a stellar release, particularly for storage for which I harbour the most interest. ZFS pools can’t yet be booted from, but will be finally included for data use which I’m super keen to test. They’ve also reworked the SATA stack in the same vain to better handle reported drive errors.

There are tons of other features and changes; check the formal release notes for more details and grab an ISO or disk image.

I’m mostly a FreeBSD person now, but NetBSD was my first, and I still maintain a few computers and a template for it on OrionVM. I was also lucky enough to meet several of the maintainers at AsiaBSDCon who also explained to me how devpubd(8) worked for my platform integration scripts. And pkgsrc is the best cross-platform package manager, as far as I’m concerned.

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