Hello world!


“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

I certainly will. This is the first post for the final home of the Rubenerd blog… using WordPress! I've had other blogs before though, and what I'm going to do over the next few days before uni goes back and I'm swamped with work again is to import all the other entries from over the years into this.

The two original blogs were The Rubenerd Blog using a crude Perl script I wrote and was available in December 2004, and my other experiment using RapidWeaver at the end of last year.

Aside from the billions of configuration issues I had setting up the WordPress software on my blog, and my web host's FTP that makes a 2800 baud modem look like a Concorde, everything is working fine… touch wood!

As for what's happening on the podcasting front, The Rubenerd Show is still my primary project, this blog is just designed to supplement the show and to add notes which quite possibly could find their way onto the show, who knows!

If you came to this website through this blog, you can find The Rubenerd Show at the root url:
. Note at the moment all you'll see is a notice page that the site is unavailable for upgrading, but hopefully for not much longer.


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