Headline: Ruben More Fickle Than Ever


Typing as we speak in the Boat Deck Cafe in Mawson Lakes. Coffee is good.

Okay people, so I've decided to revive the blog again. Lets just say that without it for a few months I was missing being able to spontaneously add stuff whenever I want, instead of waiting till the next episode of the Rubenerd Show.

I am changing the direction of this blog though I think to be more of a link blog than an article blog, if you get my drift. I post all the time to my Del.icio.us link account and so often I find I want to write a longer description or add a picture.

If you found this blog through Google or Vivisimo (my new favourite search engine) or some other engine, you can find the Rubenerd Show at RubenerdShow.com.

Anyway, long story short, it's good to be back in the blogosphere :).

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