Hate mail on my Aussie internet filter posts


No Filter, No Censorship, No Great Firewall of Australia

Having posted several entries on the Australian Government's plan to implement a compulsory national internet filter, it seems I've unwittingly rattled a few nerves. For the first time since coming out as an atheist back in 2007 I've started receiving email about a series of posts here, all of them not good.

A shocked introduction thing

I debated long and hard in my mind whether to publish these and decided not to, but enough people on Twitter who are actively engaged in this debate suggested I do so on the proviso I don't disclose the senders' names. I've contacted each in person to ask if they'd be okay with identifying them, in the meantime they'll be anonymous.

As to their assertions, I'm still not sure how to respond yet. While I made playful jabs at Stephen Conroy and Michael Atkinson for what I see as ill-informed decisions that will deepy hurt Australia in ways I worry they don't realise or can even imagine, I never used harsh language against them and it was not my intention to be mean spirited and attack them personally. I also think it's weird that I started getting all these messages when I haven't got blog related email in months. Could I be on an evil do-ers list that's being passed around maybe?

Message One

Dear Reuben,

You obviously don’t realize this because you’re a whiny little kid but you are the reason why an internet filter is excactly what Australians need. I have read your news coverage on your web-site and I have been horrified at your biased attitude. You spew your lies and filth and slander against our elected officials and don’t give them the respect they deserve so you can watch your porn and disgusting Japanese animation shows and speak hatred PRENTEDING YOU ARE SAVING FREE SPEECH. Well I have news for you Reuben television stations, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines are all regulated to keep smut and hatred out and the Internet should be treated without any difference.

Message Two


I have been reading your blog about what you colourfully refer to as The Great Firewall Of Australia. I don’t know who you’re trying to impress but if you’re happy with child pornography you’re a paedophile and I should have you arrested because you are fucking disgusting. Do your parents know you do this?

Message Three

Dear Ruben Schade,

My close friend showed me your website, and I agree with her that you have an arrogant attitude problem about the Labor Party’s internet filter that they won an election promoting. If you are talking about democracy why not bring that up? I know why, it’s because you’re a coward hiding behind your computer screen. Your a fucking pussy.

There are two more, but they consisted of more four letter words than actual arguments. Maybe it's time to hide my email address, I don't want to go through all this again :(.

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