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  1. Android biometrics in October 2019
  2. Fun with online ECC memory shopping
  3. Current ThinkPads with HiDPI
  4. Consolidating all the things, also watches
  5. iPhone typing accuracy declines
  6. Choosing a new pocket camera
  7. The Sony StorStation Ditto tape drive
  8. iTelephone 2019 wish list
  9. Rambling on biology and tech
  10. iOS always forgets what audio I was playing
  11. ThinkPad feedback from @sjdorst
  12. The ThinkPad X40, an all-time favourite
  13. Choosing a NAS
  14. 10x Engineers: The brilliant jerks
  15. Covering laptop cameras, revistied
  16. ThinkPads and MacBooks
  17. Dan Benjamin on computers as tools
  18. Ken Akamatsu on the Raspberry Pi 4 model B
  19. Why do most PC laptops have awful screens?
  20. HPE buying Cray
  21. KVM trolley suggestions for data centre operators
  22. Jaycar external RAID box with FreeBSD and ZFS
  23. The Mid-range utility Mac
  24. Roman numeral IIII on clocks
  25. A purpose-built FreeBSD home bhyve box
  26. Percussive maintenance
  27. Relief for the 2019 Mac Pro
  28. Hard drive capacities: a 2008 retrospective
  29. 2019 MacBook Pros
  30. Goodbye tanakasuka, my last RAIDZ-1 ZFS pool
  31. Kao laundry powder scoop analysis
  32. SCSI to CompactFlash for vintage PCs
  33. Commodore SFD-1001, and the Teac FD-505
  34. The Cayenne Convection Oven
  35. Fully-recyclable Adidas shoes
  36. Buying philosophy for computer hardware
  37. Using a 4K LG UltraFine display with FreeBSD?
  38. Tethering is still voodoo
  39. No FreeBSD on the Libretto any more
  40. Storage versus RAM configurability
  41. My colleague’s MT3 profile board
  42. Technical reasons may often be insufficient
  43. 1993 Computer Chronicles on Spectre
  44. Opening a Kensington Orbit Trackball
  45. Ergolux corner standing desk
  46. Simpson Strong Tie Set Xp Msds
  47. Apple’s rumoured 16-inch MacBook Pro
  48. Goodbye, AT&T data centres
  49. A list of lightweight laptops from 2018
  50. Ranking of laptop keyboards
  51. State of Apple in 2018
  52. Predictable issues with video doorbells
  53. The European Space Agency store
  54. Vortex Race 3 keyboard
  55. Why OLED phone screens suck for some of us
  56. CoreTypes.bundle still has some classic hardware
  57. The Lucent 901928-01 Keyboard
  58. The 80586 Pentium
  59. A dodgy USB key
  60. StatusCake chatbot
  61. macOS modifier keys
  62. Apple T2 webcam security
  63. Xorg: More than one possible primary device found
  64. Marc Edwards on 2x Retina
  65. Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp for women
  66. Why rip up functional footpaths?
  67. Ports
  68. LattePanda
  69. The new MacBook Air isn’t 2:1 Retina
  70. Rounded internal SCSI cables
  71. The new MacBook Airs are devoid of touch bars!
  72. Apple New York event wish list
  73. Another chance to buy a DAN A4-SFX case
  74. The Aston Martin Lagonda
  75. More plastic, via @Georgiecel
  76. Why do some smoke detectors use radioactive material?
  77. MUJI table test
  78. Obsolete best IT practices
  79. Zero percent battery
  80. Lee Myung-bak sentenced for bribery
  81. When Macworld isn’t
  82. Someone designed these
  83. The longest post ever, on the STV-4540 PDU
  84. Disabling Hyper-Threading for Spectre
  85. A few days back on a small phone
  86. My new Kindle
  87. Oh Android, don’t ever change
  88. The Pentax K-1 Mark II, and their pancakes
  89. Filing cabinet chair review
  90. A Californian rooter van
  91. My brand new mustimeter
  92. Which duck tape is best?
  93. A true 757 replacement
  94. Cabin of a TWA Lockheed TriStar
  95. Why ZTE was banned in the US, Australia
  96. A Tesla and Maserati
  97. The beige 5.25 inch Zip Insider
  98. Epson’s classic combo floppy drives
  99. A home-office hideaway computer desk
  100. My Akihabara GPD Pocket
  101. 555 pages
  102. Photo of my desk in 2005
  103. Home digital assistants
  104. Music and phones in public
  105. iUmu, the iMac
  106. HomePod
  107. 800×600 in a Retina world
  108. The Hawker Siddeley Trident was fast
  109. Fuji Xerox
  110. HP battery recall
  111. 12TB drives are now a thing
  112. Meltdown and Spectre
  113. Xen on yesterday’s Intel issue
  114. Intel’s protected kernel memory leak fun
  115. Listerine mouth wash taste guide
  116. FaceID
  117. The Tupolev Tu-114
  118. OLEDs suck, for me
  119. But Steve Jobs wouldn’t have done it!
  120. Apple’s September 2017 kit
  121. Electroboom on the Right Hand Rule
  122. Rick’s 10GbE home network
  123. Recycling VHS tapes
  124. Second–hand computers do exist
  125. A decade of iTelephones
  126. White people on Asian infocomm
  127. Old driver decision tree
  128. Unboxing a 1997 Iomega Jaz Drive
  129. Oliver’s law of assumed responsibility
  130. One is not like the others
  131. Restoring my first computer
  132. The HP Pavilion Wave
  133. The new Mac Pro shall be
  134. Typewriter style keyboard
  135. ECC in AMD Ryzen
  136. The Zip Insider
  137. Versions of EMM386
  138. 3D-printed Penrose Triangle
  139. On the size of the Commodore 128
  140. The NOCHANGE BBS car
  141. The state of the Mac
  142. Farewell office coffee mug
  143. The Boeing 727 prototype
  144. Two-tone beige keyboards in 2017
  145. Goodbye junk
  146. Fujitsu exiting laptop business
  147. The unfortunately-named Eero
  148. The NSG uClean LD-1420 HMT
  149. Mac downloads in 2016
  150. Eight years ago, the Convair 880
  151. The first Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
  152. USB aquarium alarm clock pen holder light
  153. The iPhone 7
  154. Webmaster Hales on four power supplies
  155. Four power supplies
  156. HPE buys SGI
  157. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA
  158. Covering laptop cameras
  159. Choosing a minimalistic Mini-ITX case
  160. Folding paper seven times
  161. The Sun Type 6
  162. Something to do with KVMs
  163. Being mostly wrong about diesel cars
  164. Fans brave wet as iPhone 6s goes on sale
  165. Australian iPhone 6s plans stuck in the 2000s
  166. Mid-2012 MacBook Air SSD upgrades
  167. Raw tech specs
  168. Concession Opal cards
  169. July 2015 iPods
  170. Ruben sets up utilities
  171. My bedroom home office in 2010
  172. Translucent screens
  173. I heard you like cranes
  174. Stop trying to make Apple Watch without 'the' happen
  175. Difference between Quanta and Qantas
  176. The IKEA firm RÖLLEKA pillow
  177. CPU architectures on nixCraft
  178. Cloud storage arrays
  179. No more Nokia Sync
  180. Circular (travelling) headphones
  181. Time to shake the toner
  182. Keyloggers
  183. The 27 inch Retina iMac
  184. The Typo2 iPhone keyboard
  185. UTS Building 11 lifts
  186. The Bic Orange Finepoint most certainly is
  187. Choosing a keyboard for gaming and typing
  188. Interpreting ipmitool ser list memory errors
  189. UTS Building 11 feedback
  190. The lost opportunity of UTS Building 11
  191. Two years with a MacBook Air
  192. SCSI
  193. Saturday nights with a PSU
  194. Diesel cars
  195. The Topre RealForce looks absolutely perfect
  196. WASD keyboard design fun
  197. Disruption from Sydney, and keyboards
  198. The Roland TR-808
  199. CoolerMaster QuickFire, via @screenbeard
  200. An Ultimo pilgrimage to MSY
  201. Ruben talks shoes
  202. The CODE keyboard
  203. My second workstation: Unicomp keyboards
  204. Suspiciously timed massive Archival Discs
  205. Teana Lanster and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  206. LTO Ultrium tape drives
  207. Tiamo’s 32–bit efi and Mavericks 10.9.2
  208. The @dai1313 on Optiplex nostalgia
  209. Silent swap meets and IT nostalgia
  210. Mavericks on my first gen Mac Pro
  211. The mystery of internal drive enclosure connectors
  212. Mmm, chewy phone cables
  213. Kindles, iPods, teal shirts
  214. The Razer antithesis to the new Mac Pro?
  215. When you use the same mouse as him
  216. Mac Pro compromises might not be for me
  217. The Belkin Thunderbolt Dock
  218. The LEGO Acropolis
  219. All this new tech is making us antisocial
  220. I used to be that guy; the new Mac Pro
  221. When our frigid whitegood was neither
  222. Linux RdRand
  223. FreeBSD and hardware random number generators
  224. Some ZFS SSD feedback from @zoomosis
  225. ZFS on FreeBSD supporting TRIM
  226. Classic Toshiba driver archive
  227. Fibre optic considered faster than copper
  228. Ditto
  229. The IKEA Upptäcka backpack
  230. What Motorola is to Google
  231. Photocopiers making randomly alterations
  232. An evening with printers
  233. Sony CDP-101
  234. Cisco Discovery Protocol, eventually
  235. Cray Mac Pro
  236. My Mac Pro space station
  237. I don’t always make lame networking memes
  238. This isn’t about the Cisco 2800 router series
  239. Eric Schmidt says we’re just afraid of change
  240. My latest retro multimedia CD-ROM haul
  241. Sharp slipping pSee shipments
  242. Dell, going private
  243. I think my new iPad mini is Canadian
  244. So when Samsung shuns NFC, it’s okay
  245. The 1990s Dell Dimension, via @dai1313
  246. The Ancient Compaq Presario 5510 spaceship
  247. Goodbye, Old Glossy
  248. The wrath of certain Android users
  249. A cheaper Chevrolet Volt
  250. I need the lightest possible machine…
  251. An 11” MacBook Air unboxing review thing
  252. Infinite Solutions: Recharging batteries
  253. She adores her 64!
  254. A veritable pain in the neck
  255. Belkin F5D7010 works on Fedora and FreeBSD
  256. Linus Torvalds and I had the same computer
  257. I love you John, but stop reporting on Apple!
  258. Acer being truthful about Windows tablets
  259. A Firefox phone? Yes please!
  260. Comments on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet
  261. A rambling Mac Pro status report!
  262. Would you give an ARM for an Intel phone?
  263. My letter to Westpac about a PayPass debit card
  264. Retro DEC PDP11 graphics
  265. Seagate and LaCie, hard drives consolidate again!
  266. Steins;Seagate
  267. Optus, Vodafone network sharing, via @madcatjo2point0
  268. Microsoft Barnes and Noble, wait what?
  269. No ATMs skimming from DBS profits!
  270. Friends don’t let friends use crappy keyboards!
  271. A380 plushies with @johncarneyau and @DrRachie
  272. Does not having it impede its primary function?
  273. Windows Phone UI efficiency
  274. Australian Personal Computer, March 2012
  275. Lord of the Rings Lego Minifigs
  276. I had a BlackBerry back in the day, with old photos!
  277. Let the bed bugs bite
  278. No Kodak moment pun here
  279. DBS responds to ATM skimmer fun
  280. What’s Avocado’s Constant?
  281. You can just skim this DBS ATM story
  282. Intel Ultrabooks at CES, via @kevinctofel
  283. DBS ATM skimmers
  284. Better late than never: HP not changing their logo
  285. Prevent volumes auto-mounting on Mac OS X
  286. BREAKING: I finally cleaned my desk!
  287. No more Dell netbooks
  288. A very Janeway Christmas
  289. My LEGO figs!
  290. Not surprising to me in the slightest
  291. Sophos CityRail memory key adventures
  292. My followup Kindle review followup
  293. Witnessing NASA #Curiosity #MSL launch, from bed!
  294. Gruber and Topolsky on Android 4
  295. My shiny new Kindle 4!
  296. Super biased reviews of the HP Envy
  297. 10.11.11 – Happy Binary Day #1!
  298. HP are making PCs again!?
  299. Not sure if I have one of them Kindles
  300. iPhone4Steve
  301. I got fourteen new iPod nano watches today!
  302. Goodbye Armada M300
  303. Awesome Starbucks threads
  304. Amazon Kindle Fire
  305. My shiny new MikroTik 750GL!
  306. The IKEA Effect, and Manland
  307. UTS robot dance troupe
  308. Another lost iTelephone
  309. Were we all Punk’d by HP?
  310. Android #1 mobile platform for malware, but…
  311. Foresight versus hindsight at Dell
  312. An ode to HP desktops and PDAs
  313. Now it violates the GPL? Where does this stop?
  314. Paying more for stuff and whatnot in Australia
  315. Late night iMac UTS observations
  316. Don’t worry, Android is unchanged
  317. Motoroogle?!
  318. 2007: Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone
  319. Tech I couldn’t live without: The INSERT key
  320. Tech I couldn’t live without: door handles
  321. Operating Systems Solutions #fail
  322. My first and last entry on Android patents
  323. I was wrong about Apple and Android!
  324. Cory Doctorow on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
  325. This Week in Rubenerd Mobile Computing
  326. Singapore army iPads?
  327. Mac Pro not seeing a SCSI-USB Jaz drive
  328. An AdLib ISA card!
  329. Failing broadcom-wl on 32 bit Fedora 15?
  330. A cheap solution for my Nikon D60 battery?
  331. Steve Ballmer photos, again
  332. HP bevels, and xcalc, for some reason
  333. The Sophos Security Gateway?
  334. @i2yh @rubenerd photocopier reminiscing
  335. Lithium batteries costing us a bundle!
  336. Google closed Honeycomb, so what?
  337. It’s hard being an Aussie Palm fanboy
  338. My white iPhone 4 and Zune predictions
  339. An Optus phone data post, with cans!
  340. iPad 2
  341. Singapore schwag!
  342. RIP Ken Olsen 1926-2011
  343. MacTheKnife is back in bidness!
  344. My first bike!
  345. Nostalgia, SuperDisk drives under OS X
  346. Another sophisticated cooling solution
  347. Waking up your lazy Fedora 14 ThinkPad X40
  348. Sinclair 128K
  349. Government use of iPads?
  350. Celebrating 30 years of Post-It Notes!
  351. Windows Phone 7 thoughts
  352. Why don’t we have Open printer cartridges?!
  353. Apple’s new September 2010 swag
  354. What HP needs to do after The Hurd
  355. The other Steve comments on the iPad
  356. No more Apple Cinema Displays
  357. Goodbye Nexus One
  358. Google Android the latest US weapon?
  359. Longwinded post on the iPhone 4 saga
  360. Schweet all day notebook battery power
  361. One sided reporting on Android and the iPhone
  362. Thinking about WWDC 2010
  363. Finally upgraded my ThinkPad X40’s memory!
  364. Stop the presses, iPad sells in Japan!
  365. Some Western Digital drives have EARS
  366. Aussie customs can now search laptops
  367. Picking up an MSI P43T-C51 for peanuts!
  368. Commodore’s Amiga fumble in one line
  369. Android isn’t evil, it’s just not as awesome
  370. Microsoft’s consumer space woes
  371. Buying stolen property is Apple’s fault?
  372. HP buys Palm, Ruben buys coffee to feel better
  373. The real folks who should buy Palm
  374. What happened to the vibrating Logitech mouse?
  375. Robbie Williams sings about… Palm?
  376. Palm for sale, and some drawn out nostalgia
  377. Mr GigaOM poses with an iPad
  378. The iPad and Palmar Hyperhidrosis -ness
  379. FrankSting and Slashdot Znu on the iPad
  380. iPad swimming pool iPod bathtubs
  381. Personal take on CNET’s iPhone 4G wishlist
  382. Batteries own me
  383. Windows Phone Mobile thing 7 is… the iPhone?
  384. Only enabling 16 bit PCMCIA in a FreeBSD kernel?
  385. Kudos to Dick Smith Electronics in Adelaide
  386. A combination lock USB key?
  387. FreeBSD 8.0 boots on a Toshiba Libretto 70CT
  388. I can honestly say I didn’t expect that result!
  389. A case study in why features != usability
  390. A Japanese Dell makes it with a Mac Mini
  391. Apple’s unfortunate environment backstep
  392. SuperDrive likes FreeBSD, scared by Fedora
  393. Aperture 3 signalling end of 32-bit support?
  394. Researching Nikon micro lenses
  395. Initial iPad Star Trek sounding reactions
  396. Worrying out loud about the Apple Tablet
  397. OS X telling me to Service Battery? Uh oh
  398. Lovingy detailed Logitech Anywhere MX review
  399. Can you print a blank page?
  400. Upgrading a Western Digital MyBook
  401. Uniqlo made me like clothes shopping!
  402. Palm nostalgia and marketing folk
  403. The Tennant 5700 industrial scrubber
  404. Bummer, I have to contact myself
  405. Logitech Powered USB Hub schweetness
  406. SingTel Huawei E180 on Snow Leopard
  407. DéLonghi Magnifica loud noises fixed!
  408. Horizontal remote controls anyone?
  409. Motorola Milestone is tempting
  410. Dell down, Microsoft makes hardware move
  411. In the market for a new Logitech mouse
  412. ThinkPad X40 secondary IDE #fail
  413. Could the OpenOfficeMouse be chorded?
  414. Android’s built in excuse?
  415. Optus bill payment disconnect fail
  416. Unmount discs without ejecting on Macs
  417. The birth of a Sidekicking verb?
  418. Why must external drives behave this way?
  419. iPhoneUserNews and dull comment trolls
  420. The Sun Oracle Database Machine
  421. The new MacBook Pro inverter worked!
  422. The Cliq beating Apple
  423. Lousy networks more effective than filters!
  424. HP LaserJet Error -9672 on Snow Leopard
  425. BASIC on the iPhone Commodore 64
  426. Doubts over my Cult of the Mac membership
  427. Shot inverter in the MacBook Pro
  428. No backlight on Snow Leopard MacBook Pro
  429. PC DOS 7 on a ThinkPad X40?
  430. An arm, a leg and a Drobo
  431. Final review of ThinkPad X40 awesomeness
  432. Got me a set of TrackPoint replacement caps
  433. Initial ThinkPad X40 review, is gut!
  434. Craptastic versus good quality second hand?
  435. Does Crucial.com mess up your iPhone 3G?
  436. Grabbing an IBM Thinkpad X40!
  437. Coffee shops starting to ban laptops?
  438. Do not be afraid of tablet computers!
  439. MacBook Pro trackpad on OpenSolaris
  440. iTelephone 3.0.1
  441. iPhoneUserNews is a breath of fresh air
  442. Optus phone reconnection adventures
  443. Mac keycaps for Unicomp keyboards
  444. Another spiffy new MacBook Pro battery
  445. Taking Paul Thurrott to task on the Zune HD
  446. More Commodore 16 Unicomp keyboard comparions
  447. MacBook Pro ExpressCard slot debacle?
  448. Comparing my Unicomp to my Commodore 16
  449. I almost got my Unicomp SpaceSaver! Blast!
  450. I love my new Unicomp buckling spring keyboard!
  451. No carrier error for SingTel EVDO
  452. Affordable MacBook Air, Green Hummers
  453. Kudos to Unicomp
  454. Just ordered a Unicomp SpaceSaver keyboard
  455. Landscape iTelephone keyboard everywhere!
  456. Followup iTelephone Optus unlocking post
  457. Using my unlocked iTelephone in Singapore
  458. Unicomp and CVT keyboards
  459. IBM Model M and Northgate Omnikey keyboards
  460. Swag from the Singapore PC Expo 2009
  461. Brief comments about new MacBooks
  462. Pouring coffee on a laptop wasn’t a good idea
  463. My Intel Inside Xeon stickers arrived
  464. An open letter to tech journalists
  465. PC DOS 2000 boots on an Armada M300!
  466. SG$700 for a Kindle? Thanks but no thanks
  467. The optical and magnetic media tag race
  468. MacBook Pro wishing out loud and whatnot
  469. Review of AirMe for iPhone and iPod Touch
  470. Excited about the AF-S NIKKOR DX 35mm f/1.8G
  471. Moving to Linux from FreeBSD on my Armada M300
  472. I have some barred locations on my phone line!
  473. Optus stole my sanity again
  474. Disabling the PC speaker in FreeBSD
  475. An iPhone uh oh message
  476. Apple awarded patent for the iPhone interface
  477. Optus slapped with a fine for sending spam
  478. So Apple isn’t giving up trade shows?
  479. The unnessisary excess of multipe ink cartridges
  480. An involved Optus customer support debacle
  481. Is this shipping table normal?
  482. What the 15 inch MacBook Pro really needs
  483. Search for a killer desktop replacement combo
  484. Late Linehaul Frt Delayed and other observations
  485. Drive catastrophe, good thing I have solid backups
  486. Ruben’s words of camera phone wisdom
  487. iPhone 2.2 makes MobileSafari usable again!
  488. Western Digital Scorpio Black 298GiB goodness
  489. My review was featured on Elgato.com!
  490. Possible reason why there’s no MacBook FireWire
  491. Sophisticated MacBook Pro cooling consulting solution
  492. Apple, these are my FireWire drives
  493. Only problem so far with the iPhone: MobileSafari
  494. MacBook a winner, unless you need FireWire
  495. Keyboard and coffee, Sent from my iPhone
  496. The penultimate plus one MacBook FireWire post
  497. Addressing some MacBook FireWire arguments
  498. Apple still claims the MacBook includes FireWire
  499. Obituary for FireWire 1999-2008
  500. Apple’s tragic FireWire MacBook mistake
  501. New aluminium block MacBook Pros are nice, mostly!
  502. New Apple notebook hardware, waffle irons
  503. Nobody will ever need 16GiB, right?
  504. My kingdom for a bigger notebook hard drive
  505. BeOS, the Amiga, now the iPhone?
  506. Okay okay I got an iPhone!
  507. On the Mawson Lakes library and common sense
  508. Do we all like HP’s new logo?
  509. VIDEO: Replacing the fan in my MacBook Pro
  510. Eye really like my EyeTV
  511. OPEN Networks can’t spell Porsche
  512. Phone line connection musings
  513. Just ordered a Yubikey
  514. The iPhone in Australia
  515. FreeBSD on an Armada M300 rocks
  516. Data capacity then and now, pretty amazing!
  517. Showing network drives on an OS X desktop
  518. Incredible SGD579 laptop deal
  519. Uh oh
  520. Inheriting a little Armada M300 subnotebook!
  521. Intel’s breathtaking photos from Twitter
  522. Faulty Intel DQ35JO motherboard fun
  523. On low profile PCI cards and Microsoft tax
  524. The mysterious little DFE-670TXD
  525. Nokia e61i screenshot of iPhone site
  526. Why I probably couldn’t own an iPhone
  527. My beautiful iBook is working again!
  528. Mixed reaction to August 2007 iPod crop
  529. iPod features I’d love to see and love to hate
  530. Sim Lim Square and the Athlon X2
  531. COMEX Singapore 2007 expedition
  532. Damn your new iMacs and iWork Apple!
  533. Hide-a-pod on Cranky Geeks
  534. Yet another iPhone post
  535. Seagate hard disk shot my FireWire port
  536. Ruben’s sexy new Mighty Mouse!
  537. iPhone and Zune, no comparison!
  538. Anyone Used a Creative Xmod?
  539. Latest Rubenerd Outage
  540. First Blu-ray Disc Drive Won’t Play Blu-ray Movies
  541. Commodore 64 T-Shirt
  542. Orange Juice Cleaning Products?
  543. Ridata 8GB CompactFlash Card
  544. Great IT Spares eBay Australia Store
  545. Integrated Mainboards and AC’97
  546. Modem Versus WinModem
  547. Apple Battery Recall
  548. The SwiMP3 Player
  549. Michelin’s Airless Tyres
  550. Mac OS X 0x80020025 blank DVD and CD error
  551. The Mug Boss from Think Geek
  552. Biometric Passports in Singapore
  553. My 486 Laptop Arrived!
  554. Birthday & 486
  555. I’m 20! And Useless eBay Purchase!
  556. XBox 360 Launched in Australia
  557. The Power Mac 4400/200