Happy Singles Awareness Day


Happy Vanentine's Singles Awareness Day everyone. Yes, much more politically correct lah!


On to other matters though, it seems the situation at home has become a bit more stable now, so I'm looking forward to creating the Rubenerd Show again starting later this week. Stay tuned for the latest.

As usual I'd like to thank Felix, Dave, Matt, Bird/Liz/Elizabeth/Something, Ruth, Jimbob and of course you for the support you've given my family and I over these last few weeks.

At the expense of possibly up-to-the-minute stories and so forth; I'll be resuming the recording by doing shows a few days in advance to give myself some buffer space. Ideally I'd love to do shows a week in advance in case when something else happens but for the time being that seems a bit silly. I am still determined to do weekdaily shows instead of a weekend one though!

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