Happy birthday wishes for Tetris!


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Sending birthday wishes to Tetris which turns 25 today. It's two years older than I am!

I was born slightly too late to have been a part of this amazing early computer game revolution, but that's not to say I didn't partake of many early DOS games on our IBM machines, then our 486SX clone. While I always have a special place in my heart for Commander Keen as the greatest game of all time I used to rush home from school excited to play, we did have a DOS clone of Tetris too.

What strikes me about Tetris (and to a certain extend Commander Keen) was the design and premise were so beautifully elegant they didn't need flashy 3D graphics to become immersive, addictive and a real pleasure to play. The people who developed games like this were geniuses, plain and simple.

Aside from the Sim City and The Sims franchises, I don't really play many games any more. In fact my current obsession is still Bejeweled on my iTelephone because it's simple, addictive and fun. More games need to be made like Tetris!

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