Happy birthday @hanezawakirika


What a day! On what should be a rather fabulous occasion to reflect on the birth of such a wonderful person, both Clara and I had an exam for a subject we were more than a little nervous about. It was raining continuously. With my broken ankle I couldn’t even give her a proper standing cuddle, let alone buy her flowers or a cake. We were unable to hang out in the evening.

And yet, today still made me feel so indescribably lucky. We hugged, shared some poorly wrapped gifts (my bad!), had some mochi and hot Chinese tea. Those were lovely, but mostly I felt lucky for being able to share in her day in a way only her special person can.

I couldn’t have imagined as we all sat celebrating her 20th birthday on that cold winter night in 2012 that I’d be doing the same thing next year as her incredibly lucky (and thoroughly undeserving!) boyfriend. I wouldn’t have believed it if you’d told me, though I would have blushed at the prospect :’).

Happy Birthday Clara ♡. I can’t think of a more fitting use for my 5,000th weblog post! We’ll have a proper one without the exams and shattered ankle soon, I promise (^_^).

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