Happy 23rd Elke!


Celebrating in class and style, clearly! :D

(Pending a better photo when she can provide me one!)

Ruben Singlish also crap

Before we go any further, I'll admit I was rather excited to celebrate my fabulous sister's 23rd birthday today, because it meant I could finally wish her a Happy Twenty Tree. For those not clued into Singaporean speech, "three is "tree". You see? Hey, I made a rhyme. Of course I did, I did it on purpose, geez. Or did I? Why are you asking me?

We did breakfast at a great little place in Newtown, before heading off to a tattoo parlour of all places. Without shedding a single tear (incredible!), she had a small "XXIII" inked onto her wrist; 23 for her birthday, because our beautiful mum was born on the 23rd of August, and because she died on the 23rd of December. I'm personally as White and Nerdy as they come and wouldn't get tattoos, but I appreciated the significance :).

Elke's wonderful friend Samme then proceeded to fulfill a dream Elke has had since she was an early teen: a formal lunch at a McDonalds! Dressed in ties, jackets, collared shirts, formal dresses and hats, some of her closest friends sat around us at the formica table in the McDonalds near UTS. We ate burgers and drank Coke off formal plates with cutlery, table cloths, placemats and champagne glasses, then an adorable cake in the shape of shaggy white dog for desert!

If all is going to plan for Elke now, she should be on a cruise in Sydney Harbour with some of her work friends… while I sit back at home frantically coding homework no less! ;D

Hope she had a great day. She well and truely deserves it; she's the best sibling a brother could ask for. Happy Birthday Elke :)

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