Hanezawakirika's drawing of Ruby-tan

Since unveiling Ruby-Tan to the world early this month as the official new Rubenerd.com mascot, the outpouring of responses has been nothing short of incredible. I've had tweets from people, emails, comments on newsgroups, SMSs from people I haven't talked to in years, and even skywriting (I assume).

This latest tribute though takes the cake; Ruby-Tan now has some real fan art! From
oshibanashiori, which I just saw in The Google Readers:

Inevitably, if you’re going to have a mascot, you’re going to get fanart.

She’s too cute not to draw. >w< I hope I did her justice.

Very much so!

In other news, I wish I could draw and use vector software. The last thing I designed was the logo for the site, which was a modified version of my "corporate" logo I had in primary school. Needless to say… I'm glad I'm a developer XD