Galen Gruman wrote this interesting tidbit at the end of a CIO review for Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft is the underdog here, and relying on its installed base is a dangerous strategy—as Microsoft should know from its Yammer, Windows 8, and Windows Phone debacles. Microsoft’s imprimatur no longer guarantees a product’s adoption. It needs to actually be good. Yes, there are IT shops that will give Microsoft years to get things right—they prefer it to relying on a small company like Slack or Atlassian—but that’s the same miscalculation Microsoft made with Windows Phone and Windows 8.

It’s amazing how this has changed from the 1990s and 2000s.

I also had to look up what imprimatur means:

An official license to publish or print something, especially when censorship applies. [..] (by extension) Any mark of official approval.

It’s also a noun in Czech, French and Latin, for those who wanted to know. Imprimatur, not Microsoft Teams.