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What comes as a shock to many is that Australia is the only developed country without an R18+ rating for video games. Films, which fall under the same classification system, can be granted an R18+ or even X18+ rating but this is not the case for computer and video games. If a game exceeds the MA15+ rating, it is either refused classification or modified to fit within the rating guidelines.

The new site, if anything, proves conclusively I'm incapable of competing with professional designers and journalists. Wait, I mean that it proves the Aussie Government plan for a comprehensive filter on websites they arbitrarily deem inappropriate and their refusal to release R18+ games because they don't think Australian adults are capable of deciding for themselves what's appropriate, is a complete scam.

As a matter of disclosure (and it's sad public discourse on the subject renders this necessary at all) I do not play R18+ games, but that doesn't mean other responsible adults who choose to shouldn't be allowed. Good heavens, is this a western democracy or a… wait, I think I'll end that thought there.

I could argue the case here (and believe me it could fill several books), but does a better job.

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