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The GRC newsgroups are still all abuzz ragarding Leo Laporte and Mike Arrington's brief vocal feud on the latest Gillmor Gang. If you've been living under a rock, you can view the video on YouTube.

Steve's comment:


Apparently Leo “lost it” during his “Gillmor Gang” show this
(Saturday) afternoon. Apparently he started swearing and using
the F-word aimed AT his guests and hung up on everyone. I find
that BEYOND difficult to imagine. I’m stunned.

Steve. Working on: GRC’s DNS Benchmark utility:

With timezone differences this was already ancient history by the time I was awake but even as of this evening Adelaide time it was still being discussed so I posted my thoughts.

I’ve been an on-and-off Gillmor Gang listener since the very beginning in 2004 while they were still a part of IT Conversations; one of my favourite episodes is still their interview with Jonathan Schwartz when Solaris was starting to be open-sourced.

That’s not to say I’ve had issues with a few of their guests, Mike Arrington in particular has always come across as a bit arrogant to me. Aside from the debacle I’ve long since stopped reading TechCrunch.

I agree with Steve that I was shocked because I’m used to hearing the cheerful and good natured Leo; and his words may have been a bit harsh; but I can totally empathise with someone in his position. Like being called out as a “fanboy” when you merely point out a flaw in a particular OS, being called out for something you’re not guilty of in a cocky and unprovoked way can be one of the most maddening things to deal with.

/ Ruben Schade,
/ from Singapore & Adelaide Australia

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