Design historians will not look kindly at the 2010s. We’ve lost some real classic logos, with Paul Rand losing out the most. All the replacements are depressingly hollow shells of their former selves; substituting classic, timeless motifs with committee-designed, soulless junk.

Ebay. Avery. Microsoft. Black and Decker. I could spend all morning counting these. Now, it’s Google.

Google’s new logo

To be fair, I’ve stopped using them for reasons that are all too obvious, but that still doesn't make the loss of their original mark any easier to swallow. Perhaps their Do No Evil motto was tied to their old logo, and they wanted to make a fresh start without either?

I predict we'll see a swing back to the classic logos in the next decade or so, once it becomes apparent these new ones have the staying power of an expired peach. Talk about planned obsolescence.

Or to put it Gruber-esqly:

Their old logo was goofy. This new one is simply garbage. Just right for a company with no taste.