Google supporting Flash doesn’t make it open


Google IO

Lance Ulanoff quoting a speaker from Google IO:

Android 2.2 2 support Flash and Air. Google: "Part of being open means you’re inclusive, as opposed to exclusive."

I call shenanigans!

Your company is supporting (tacidly or otherwise, the effect is the same) a closed file format readable only by one company's software on the same level as open web standards.

Android has so much going for it, don't use it as a pawn to take cheap shots at a company you can't even summon the courage to name (cough! Apple cough!), and please don't insult our intelligence by saying Flash is part of being an open solution when it isn't.

Your properties such as YouTube have realised Flash is old and unnecessary, and Apple has done much to sway people and old media companies to developing on web standards instead of proprietary plugins; a change that was long overdue. If we all had Android tablets and phones with your open Flash ecosystem instead of the super duper evil iDevices, the latter either wouldn't have happened, or would have happened around 2030.

If it's true that inclusivity equals open, someone should tell Adobe about FreeBSD.

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