Goodies from @GamersNexus arrived!


Clara’s and my merchandise from the GamersNexus store just arrived! It included a brand new anti-static modmat work surface, Mini-ITX mouse pad, and this fun new coaster set. It was packed extremely well, and arrived internationally to Australia faster than some of our domestic parcels.

Photo of the new modmad with PC components, coasters, and motherboard mousepad, with Clara's blue bear cat.

Steve and his team at GamersNexus have done so much for my mental health over the last year. Their thorough and principled PC component reviews, coupled with their entertaining and thoughtful personalities have largely been responsible for getting me back into building computers again. My optimistic, PC-obsessed childhood seemed so distant as an anxious guy in his mid-thirties, but he’s back with a vengeance!

This wasn’t just to support their channel though; the quality of this stuff is as good as you’d expect. The mousepad is also larger than I expected, which turns out works well with my 60% Topre keyboard. Maybe I need to buy another one for the mouse too.

Thank you :).

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