Goodbye to the Three Beans in North Sydney


Coffee shops are where I get much of my writing and work done. I tend to find a handful of them wherever I live and type away in them for hours at a time. For me there are no environments more conducive to thought, enthusiasm, and energy, and I don’t think it’s just the caffeine! It also means I develop quite an attachment to them, which makes their closure all the more sad when I revisit an old suburb or city where I lived.

Earlier this week I discovered the Three Beans in Greenwood Plaza was gone. Clara and I got our first apartment together up the street, so I used to spend a lot of time sitting there writing many of the posts you probably read a few years ago.

Photo of the Greenwood Plaza atrium, showing the skylight and empty space where the coffee shop used to be.

The staff were friendly and already prepped my order the moment they saw me standing there. The coffees were also among the better brews in the area. I also thoroughly enjoyed sitting under the huge glass dome of the shopping centre atrium which let in plenty of warm, natural light. All that’s left now are the curved floorboards where the counter used to be, some spare chairs, and a background billboard perhaps explaining why it had to close up.

North Sydney is overwhelmingly a commercial area, so I’m not at all surprised the lockdowns have taken their toll. I hope the owners and staff are okay.

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