Goodbye drink containers, my old friends


Goodbye drinks~

So we’re moving house again, and it’s a lot of work. My first task, cleaning out and throwing away more of my stuff.

I’m certainly not at the level of a hoarder, but I’m a "collector". Coins, stamps, computer cables, business cards… and for some reason thoroughly-washed beverage containers. Most of them have a history that are either far too personal or embarrassing to impart here! XD

As with my old display, I find taking pictures of things renders them easier to dispose of. Perhaps immortalising them on my Flickr feed means they’re still with me somehow. I’m a weird person.

From top left to bottom right, immortalised forever here on Rubé

  1. An IKEA apple cider can
  2. Two Starbucks coffee cups from my first year back in Sydney
  3. A “Drink Responsibly” coffee cup from the Coffee Club
  4. Two Starbucks Yuletide-themed cups
  5. Two cans of Mr Potato, my favourite snack from Malaysia as a kid
  6. A Starbucks cup with an earlier logo sleeve
  7. Two years of The Rocks Aroma Festival cups
  8. A carton of Paul’s Egg Nog I took to an Anime Club event
  9. A Maxwell Coffee can from one of my earlier dates with Clara
  10. A Selamat Wafer, which is far too bagus to mention!

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