Goodbye CmdrTako


What a month. We had HP retiring their PC and Palm hardware divisions, Michael Dell being smug about it, Steve Jobs retiring as CEO of Apple, a tutor from my technology uni saying broadband in Australia is fast enough, and now we learn that CmdrTaco is leaving Slashdot?

I started Slashdotting relatively late in the game (though I did get one of the last 6 digit UIDs!), but it's been an essential part of my mornings ever since. In a sea of rigged, inflated, ego driven news aggregation sites that are as fleeting as they are difficult to read without your brains turning to mush, Slashdot has been a pleasant, mildly ego driven news aggregation site with some fascinating conversations over the years.

Apple will live on without Steve, HP will survive without their PC division, and Slashdot will still be churning out stories without CmdrTaco. Whether it'll ever be the same is another question.

Thanks for all the hard work Rob. Hope we gave you enough fish.

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