Camino and Firefox compared, from 2007

It’s with a heavy, nostalgic heart that I bid farewell to the Camino web browser. According to the last blog post on the Camino site, it’s no longer being actively developed.

Camino was Mozilla done right on the Mac. It took the same Gecko rendering engine from Firefox, wrapped it in native Mac Cocoa instead of XUL, added keychain support, and a bunch of other useful Mac features. It had a quintessentially Aqua icon, and tastefully coloured toolbar buttons that dared to challenge the plain toolbars of Safari.

I loved Firefox on Windows and *nix, but was less than impressed with its performace on my iBook G3 with Panther and Tiger in the early 2000s. I made the switch, and only moved back to Firefox on my Macs a few years ago. I like having all my security and privacy extensions back in Firefox, but I still think the user experience in Camino is superior.

I wish all the developers the best in their newer, greener pastures in Safari, Firefox and Chrome development. And thank you.