My battery-destroyed Compaq Armada M300 subnotebook

It's even worse than it looks >_<.

After several years of faithful service, we bid farewell to my Compaq Armada M300 subnotebook. I picked it up second hand from my father's business back in April 2008, and was quick to load FreeBSD onto it. While it was understandably a little slow, I dubbed it the "Armadair" due to its svelte size and excellent battery life.

It spent a month in a drawer where obviously the battery exploded, and sent acid throughout the frame and display, completely destroying the unit. I'll be harvesting as many parts as I can (wearing gloves) then sending it off to that big cloud in the sky where old computers go.

My new (at least to me!) Compaq Armada M300 subnotebook

Throughout my life, international and domestic moves have always destroyed electronics, regardless of how well I pack things. This is the first writeoff due to battery leakage, though I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. Lesson learned: don't just remove AA batteries from remote controls, remove batteries from computers as well.

Where's my supercapacitor?

My Armada M300 FreeBSD notebook, circa 2008