Goodbye, Aperture


Swift, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Sam came just as I was starting my new job, and had little time to discuss them. There’s nothing really I could say now that hasn’t already been exhaustively discussed to death, so suffice to say, it’s all ridiculously exciting.

(As I said here before, people really hadn’t heard of Yosemite before that OS X announcement? Really? I feel bad for people who didn’t get to watch cartoons growing up).

But now we have some more recent news which doesn’t rain on the parade, as much as it veers it off gold plated streets and onto something more resembling the real world.

For those who haven’t read, Apple has allegedly ceased development of Aperture and iPhoto in lieu of a new Photos application in Yosemite. I haven’t seen too many details, but I assume it will be akin to a FCPX release, where higher end features from the pro application are missing, but will be added back when people get antsy.

Suffice to say, I’ve already said that twice. Also, I’m a little bummed.

For a bit of context, I’ve been using Aperture for the last six months. Part of me was a little concerned about the long term viability of the application, given its lack of software updates and holdover UI elements, but it’s just so damn functional and fun to use. To quote Andy Ihnatko, who sums up my feelings:

I get more pleasure out of Aperture on an hourly basis than I get from any game. Losing Aperture means, truly, losing a lot of the joy of having a Mac.

If anything, Swift’s announcement gave me a little comfort. Here was a brand new language, written in secrecy for all these years. For all I knew, the next release of Aperture was similarly being developed in secret, with support for 3D displays or cameras where you could line up three Mac Pros and generate a holodeck. Impossible to plug leaks for something that size? For nerds especially, Swift shows Apple can!

Regardless, here’s the bottom line. Paying customers of Aperture deserved to know the future of the software, and Apple just told us.

All the cool people had already long jumped ship to Lightroom, but I’m hesitant to ever let Adobe software near my machine for fear of all the crapware their stuff always installs. Perhaps it’s worth revisiting, in a VM to start.

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