Going loud in the morning


There are certain activities which present an inconvenience, and others that should disqualify you from engaging with civil society. Here are but a few examples:

  • We had a particularly special neighbour in Earlwood in Sydney’s inner west who took it upon himself to start his powertools at 06:00 every Sunday.

  • Our current place in North Sydney has two-stroke hedge trimmers going every few weeks at 07:00. It’s not the best way to spend your shower or breakfast.

  • What about early morning jackhammering for utility works that weren’t deemed sufficiently urgent to do the day before at civilised hours, but is enough to do it before people have woken up, or did a late shift the day before!

  • In Malaysia, we had pile-drivers going at 07:00 outside our windows each morning for weeks. It sounded as though they were pushing through our skulls.

  • In Singapore, we had people who’d… wait, we never had a single problem in apartment buildings there for a decade.

I feel stranding those people or their bosses on a remote island with nothing but Kayne [sic] West audio ought to be sufficient to reform their ways.

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