What happens if you don’t Go Dustless


While attempting to find information on the dietary requirements of dust bunnies, I came across perhaps the most epic website of all time.

The filename says his name is Darren

Firstly, may I say, just straight off the bat, out of left field, out of nowhere, right off the cuff, putting it out there, shouting out loud, mentioning in passing, that I've never been that dusty before. That is enough dust to cover someone from head to toe, or toe to head as the case may be. In this case it could be both, judging from the degree of dust coverage.

Needless to say, that's a lot of dust, and I've never had so much on me before personally. Dust is fairly soft I've been lead to believe, but from experience I can attest to the fact the stuff contains a fairly high degree of materials that cause me convulsions of the nasal cavity. That's what a sneeze is, right?

To think it causes that with just a small amount thrown into the air from vigorous activity like vacuuming or dusting, if I were covered from head to toe as this poor gentleman is I'd be sneezing so violently and regularly I'd probably start setting off security alarms in cars parked around the block.

Fortunately through the use of some Dustless Technologies, our friend Darren here seems to be dust free which is a tremendous relief. I hear its really hard to wash and keep dust clean, easier to just not have it I've always thought.

Don’t read this part

If you’re all alone
With dust on ‘ur phone
Who ya gonna call?
Go Dustless!

You can start reading again

I digress, but some of this stuff on the Dustless Technologies website is pretty cool. Their flagship product appears to be a vaccum cleaner device you can attach to hardware such as angle grinders. That way, while you're… grinding… the dust and splinters that are generated get sucked into the vaccum cleaner instead of going into the air that you're breathing as you're dong this stuff.

My personal favourite, because of the name, is the DustBuddie:

The DustBuddie Dust Shroud captures up to 99% of the dust created by a hand grinder – before it escapes into the air. Designed to be used with the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum, this dust control shroud fits most hand grinders and is quick and easy to install. With its brush skirt, adjustable height, and removable front lip, the DustBuddie performs smoothly and accurately.

See, I go to their website and have every intention of just talking about a guy covered in dust, but I end up talking about their products. Shrewd geniuses. They even have a link which at this stage I have no choice but to include now, you see.

Dustless Technologies - See Amazing Online Videos!

This is the third time I've mentioned industrial cleaning product on this site, for no reason.

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